Do you think that immigrants should be required to complete a citizenship test to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the language, history and government of our country?


And also make compulsory to Dutch youngsters themselves.Do not link to the secondary school diploma. Bags for the test = no graduation ceremony.

Yes, but the content of most courses and exams I don’t find optimal how it is now.

In fact, this question reads: Can we set conditions for newcomers?Yes, of course, because if this happens everywhere and in every social situation, why not at the national border? Without any condition, we can have this country changed.

The next question is: what conditions?To start with a clear quote: Keep track of how much, when and where our country arrives to settle. The Civic integration course contains partly the same constituents as those taught to schoolchildren. The most important elements should be knowledge of our state and our laws and rights, and a basic mastery of the Dutch language.

Yes.And I notice that a lot of the newcomers at that obligation do not frown on any strange eyebrows at all. Most also want to get started with the language.

My wife did the civic integration course and then B1 State exam.And could not wait to be ready to get on with it; Work. Now she also works (3 years here) and you notice that she has found her entire twist; In terms of language but also use and autonomy.

However, I think that the interpretation can be better.Especially aimed at the people also actively get to work. There and that module needs to be worked out better and I even think that if you work you will find that if a (large) replacement part can be for sure half of your civic integration exam. Under certain conditions of course such as the amount of hours, etc.

Now it was ONA part; Focused on applying and finding vacancies, still too limited if you ask me.There should be more active help to really get people to apply for it. There should also be more contact with SMES who need people and are allowed to recruit in the classes. The latter happened to my wife only with the B1 classes (voluntarily, if you want to learn after minimal civic integration exam) and only for a certain job in care at a specific body.

Language for sure.Furthermore, knowledge of how the system works in a country is also quite useful. Problem with being done is that it is quickly becoming aribtrair what you teach people but perhaps the last 150 years at MAVO level are also useful.

At the bottom of the stripe, someone should be able to function independently

Yes, and then still.As a landlord I have occasional contact with immigrants who need to learn a basic knowledge of the Dutch language in order to be able to be employed on the labour market. Now of the thirty people I have seen in the鈩?meantime as a course and have received a certificate that they have followed a language course of Dutch for 4 to 6 years sufficient for the labour market, only 1 is able to also make a call in the Dutch. 1 even goes so far as to claim not to know Dutch while legally speaking for 4 years, he is following a course in Dutch as a civic integration course. When I see how things are being dealt with, I have my doubts. And then I am talking about rent subsidies where after a first application by the tenant himself a negative came and if the social assistant makes an adjustment to a new application The application is approved, this adaptation was a distortion of the facts but the Tenant had been begat for a rental subsidy. The hotel that owned that person in the country of origin had caught fire.

Yes.Also immigrants from other EU countries.

As if natives have this knowledge.Take a round out of the Randstad. No one cares about the pirate De Ruyter and the Exploititation syndicate the VOC. And no one gives a pepper note to those lying political figures of the Haagse Theater. And the Dutch language? Half Netherlands 鈧?艙say as and Bennen and moths and Hunnie 鈧? 鈧?艙they can be totally nie no Hollands 鈧?..

Let those migrants with rest man, they just want bread.Yes, of course they have to be able to communicate a little to save themselves, but if they all like the Chinese have their mouths and the native Dutch have served their exotic recipes, then you didn’t hear anyone.

It is all fear of Islam.It is thought that a civic integration test with nerdy Sinterklaas questions will lend a hand to the necessary assimilation, all baloney. Just treat those people neatly and they will naturally love the land and the people. Give the youngsters a chance at school and on the shop floor and stop that chauvinistic white-tailed chidery. The Netherlands is too narrow-minded and frightening.

Embrace the Hybrid society!

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