Do you think that game developers need to be forced to make their games not (too) addictive?

Coincidentally, I am rather addiction-prone or how to call it if you surrender (much) more to a certain occupation than you actually would like.It has never assumed such forms that it was going to master my life completely, but it has cost me more money, time and night rest than is good for a human being, his work, his health and his social life.

And I’ve also been balanced on the edge.When I was young, twenty-one, a somewhat older colleague of thirty years has saved me from the consequences of drinking alcohol at work. He recognized the signals and he asked me what was going on and he then seriously talked to me and offered me help to get away from it. Since then, I have been afraid of addictive drugs and gambling, and I have always ensured that there is no beginning. I was and am afraid I can no longer curb myself.

But if you are sensitive to that, the world is full of temptations.

Sugar, food in general, (phone) sex, pornography, collect gekte and social media to name a few.

Earlier there was a brake because we were much poorer.The availability of stuff and resources was also much smaller because travel was expensive and time consuming and the internet did not exist. Moreover, one of the functions of religion is to keep people socially and moral in the desired track, and this influence has diminished enormously.

Playing computer games is certainly not the least of all those enticements.Together with social media, online gaming and pornography are the biggest time robbers of our time. The internet and the possibilities that this provides for the benefit of our reward system has become the largest industry on Earth in a short time. The resulting behaviour is rewarding and ratifying (and thus addictive) by the effect on the dopaminergic jobs in our reward system. Zuckerberg and that kind of type have become billionaire, real.

Reward System-Wikipedia

And now the question suggests to protect us from our weakness by making artificial games less attractive.So that they are less, or shorter time, responding to activating our reward system. But that is totally opposed to both the creators ‘ intent and the users!

Now that is not an impossible way.Tobacco addiction has succeeded in achieving this through all sorts of coercive and discouragements (financial, societal and restriction of availability and use possibilities). This has lasted for many decades and only after millions of people had died prematurely and horrific in the addiction: stitched, mutilated and rotten.

I say it is so blunt to indicate how difficult it is to break the power of those billions of industries.They have, like the pharmaceutical industry, US and our politicians in their power with huge advertising and lobbying budgets.

Moreover, it is difficult to determine the rules that should be imposed and much more difficult to maintain.Banning a name of a game does not make any sense. Like motor clubs, they come back to a different name immediately. Banning a behavior is impossible, because I would not know what behavior you should discourage or prohibit in the case of computer games. Unlike online gambling, it is all innocent and normal human behavior that is only detrimental to the repetition.

The reality is that you cannot safeguard any system from hackers.The banks cannot do it, the government, the police and the army cannot do it, hospitals can’t do it, even Microsoft can’t. So built-in tricks to stop after a certain time have only short and limited result and the least for the most addicts.

You come no further than pious declarations of intent for a form of voluntary self-restraint by the industry, perhaps with some tax measures and restrictive government regulations.This, like the packaging industry and CO2 reduction, will perhaps lead to some reductions here and there, but more than compensatory increases elsewhere. And look at how long it takes and how little result has been achieved in the fight against those life and nature-threatening industries. Plastic soup and remnants of plastic nets and ropes kill millions of animals each year. In our own bodies there are tiny particles from the beauty industry and women are running around with cancer-causing breast implants.

It is only the question of whether we can stop global warming and disruption of the climate.

All the result of our addictions to ease, to ever more, to our fear of not satisfying a beauty ideal and to the reward that certain incentives give us by activate our reward system.

No, government censorship or just censorship for those games must be combated, not accepted or requested.

Addiction is often used as a getaway to ban things while the vast majority of players/users are not developing addiction.

Those who do so often have underlying reasons for the why of their addiction.

Grtn, Stign

Aside from gambling, addictive games are long as bad as drugs or hard drugs (including alcohol because that often forget people: is also a hard drug)

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