Do you think that E-numbers are bad for health? Do you dodge products with E-numbers?

The fact that these substances are allowed to carry an E-number means that they have come through the most rigorous quality and safety requirements.It is nothing more than a quality label of the European Union. You have to worry about substances that don’t have it before.

In addition, some examples:

E153 = Carbon

E161 = Flavoxantine (Butterflower extract, natural yellow dye)

E162 = Beet Red (yes, the juice of beetroot)

E170 = Calcium Carbonate (chalk, is also an active substance in Rennies)

E173 = Aluminium

E174 = Silver

E175 = Gold (oh, the horror)

E210 = Benzoic acid (sounds scary, but occurs naturally in high concentrations in berries)

E170 = Acetic acid

E301 = ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

E330 = Citric acid

E330 = calcium phosphate (literally where your bones are made of)

E392 = Rosemary Extracts

E406 = agar agar

E410 = Johannesbroodpit flour

E441 = gelatine

E459 = Cellulose

E641 = L-leucine (essential amino acid)

E901 = Beeswax

E904 = Shellac (lice secretion, 100% natural)

E913 = Lanolin (wool fat)

E938 = Argon (does not react with other substances, including proteins, DNA or other biochemical molecules)

E939 = helium (idem)

E941 = nitrogen (2/3 of the air is nitrogen)

E948 = Oxygen

So no, E-numbers are not scary and people who do not want to take E-numbers at all can explain to me first why they breathe and for such a large part consist of E-numbers.

The list on Wikipedia is quite complete, so if you have any doubts about what substance they mean, then look it up. Ask yourself instead to avoid anything you don’t understand.

List of E-numbers-Wikipedia

And also the info of the nutrition Center is very useful:

E-Numbers | Nutrition Centre

E-numbers are codes for whole ordinary substances that make them sound only scarier.I can find out where an E-code stands for and understand that it is harmless. So no, I don’t avoid them. I may have reservations about certain substances, but I am not actively trying to avoid things, and not at all because it is an E-number.

Do you ever eat an egg?


For example: E300 = Vitamin C. Do not give me an e-number.

Don’t get scared.

Some do, some don’t.

On the internet you can look them up and decide which ones you want to eat or not.

E-numbers are also often natural products, so do not need to avoid.

Products with E-numbers contain help and/or colouring substances approved by the EU.If they were not approved by the EU, they would not have been allowed to sit. They are not bad for health.

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