Do you think that books, newspapers and similar paper media will disappear in the near future due to the rising popularity of digital media?

Yes, but it goes slower than the technology permits.

The youngest generation of ‘ Swipet ‘ before they can read.For them it is dead normal not to use paper.

Older generations do come to some extent, but often prefer the paper version because it feels better.

So there will be a few generations before paper really disappeared completely (after very specific applications).

Jaa that has slowly disappeared.

You can look up news on your phone.You can read a book via an app that you download.

Everything is going through the digital world nowadays.

Paper has a number of advantages on digital.The digital replacer of paper is. epub and. pdf.

I prefer to read paper rather than digital, but I am above forty.With digital you have the impression that you are reading something, while you just smell it. In A book you can really browse and you get an impression much better. Digital reading is more passive reading (it will be), paper reading is active reading (pen in hand).

Advantages in digital is the quick customization of knowledge, Wikipedia, everything is discoverable.

Advantages of paper you make if you are really going to specialize.

Around the USA politics and the hot of Mr. Trump I learn more of the multitude of opinions on Quora, than from the (digital) NRC.

But the emergence of all sorts of deludances, for example against vaccinating, hang with the internet together.You think otherwise, your critical ability seems to work differently. You are more sensitive to emotion than to reason.

Reduce, yes. Never completely paperless, that was thought in the past, but that was not realistic.

“Holding back technology to preserve broken business models is like allowing blacksmiths to veto the internal combustion engine in order to protect their horseshoes.” -Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams

Change is always difficult.

A shrinking industry is trying in all ways to postpone the inevitable.From a newspaper monopoly to bloggers and social media is a natural evolution. Paper and ink are environmentally unfriendly. The newspapers have to be transported to each farmer’s (small village), hoping newspapers are collected and destroyed every day. In Belgium, the newspaper dispensation is heavily subsidized. Good for Bpost and good for journalists. Freelance journalists also have important tax advantages. Media groups (even public) live on advertisements. It makes them dependent on both government and advertisers. Because of this, there is no more independence or freedom of expression (most media now prevent comments on their articles and videos which was not the case before). Bloggers are in that sense no different, they deserve their money with advertisements and affiliate hassles. We come from the rain in the drop. Social media and search engines observe our behavior and only show what we want to see to maximize sales and ad efficiency.

The paper lies are replaced by digital lies but that is not to say that no books or other paper media will be read anymore.If we learn 1 thing from the past centuries it is that everything remains fundamentally the same, while technology only renews the packaging.

Thanks, Hannah Villarba, for the question.

No not disappear.Less important, less frequently made, less frequent reading.

No I don’t think so.

Many people like or even have paper in their hands.A real book still has value and a newspaper can also hide you back in the train.

It will probably reduce.But disappear kidney. Just look at music.. We still have Vinyl and even rotary orgels.

No, but it does become less.

The probability that the printed book disappears in the short (and long) term is particularly small.E-books and their paper variant will coexist rather than compete. In The Low Countries e-books accounts for about 7-8% of the total book market. There is hardly any annual growth.

The newspaper edition decreases on average by 5% per year.The Press group (publisher of the AD, De Volkskrant, Trouw, HLN and De Morgen) still sells 1.4 million newspapers per day. You don’t get rid of that. At the same time one sees a strong increase in the hybrid model (digital in the Week/paper on Saturday).

The periodicals may have a further selection.The declining circulation in combination with a still evolving advertising market; Then you can assume that parties will disappear. I highly doubt that in most cases digital can offer a lifebuoy.

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