Do you think spying between different countries still exists?

If you just follow the news a little, you cannot evade the fact that espionage between countries is a real and bulky problem.

What that gentleman of ASLM also tries to do to not endanger his relationship with the mighty China and not give other customers the idea that products of ASLM have been compromised, fact is that Chinese have stolen business secrets.Having a Chinese company as a customer means by definition doing business with the Chinese government.

We can have a 5G network here, but by far the cheapest is made by Huawei.That company is Chinese, has a corrupt Chinese madam at the top, which is protected with all power by China. Canada, the US and other countries do not do business on 5G territory with Huawei because they cannot trust that a foreign government will not have any influence on their own data traffic.

The whole Mueller research, quite a bit of front page news these days, has an important link with data theft by Russians and the Russian government of US email accounts.A key question for the investigation was whether Russians influenced the US elections and the answer was ‘ yes ‘. What has not yet been proven is that the current US President was actively involved. The fact that he was involved and benefited from his team of fellow-bobs is fixed, but not yet that he has actively committed it. Although the whole world has been able to see that he called Russia to steal e-mails from his opponent. But that was a joke, he says now.

And these are only a few electronic cases.The Americans have airborne espionage planes that do nothing but continually photograph the situation on the ground and those pictures are constantly being automatically compared to the previous series. If it were interested, Jared Kushner would be able to see what you are growing in your garden rather than your neighbour. But of course also what is happening in North Korea above the ground. Or where Willem-Alexander builds a villa in Africa.

The entire Pakistani atomic programme has had a kickstart because the Netherlands has let the majority of other Western countries steal know-how from a Pakistani engineer.Then just as photocopies. The man is honored as a hero in his own country.

Absolutely, but at a very different level.Many espionage is practiced nowadays by several companies worldwide who spy on other companies. Those spying activities may involve governments that benefit from the information that they receive.

Just assume that Samsung and Apple are keeping a good eye on each other, which is actually spying between Korea and the US.

But espionage has been given quite different forms by the digital age.Anyway, a lot of information is now publicly known while you previously had to go to a library to ask for it. That means that if there are new plans for a new tunnel under the IJ in Amsterdam then that is almost immediately known worldwide. A century ago that kind of information was hardly available.

But also complete road maps are well known, which means that spies no longer have to chart them.Just look on Google Maps and you know what you need.

In short, spying has different goals nowadays than before…

Very sure.Military and industrial espionage certainly. In The spies world there are no regular friends but only temporary allies. Israel had spies in the US. Pollard case.

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