Do you think possession of weapons should be tolerated as defenses?

You may possess various objects in the Netherlands that you can use as a weapon (or they actually are, like crossbows).

The kitchen drawer is full of stuff that can serve as a weapon.

If there is a severe weather situation then you can still have such a beautiful police device, from experience I know that it can take (literally) hours for them to be there.

In the event that someone is going to life, I find the use of weapons that you have available.

I think, however, that at the same time, we all do not want a society where every anxious person in a nightstand has a pistol, let alone on the street has a firearm with him.Therefore, the holding of firearms is subject to strict rules in the Netherlands.

The downside is that criminals never attract anything from an arms ban.

The argument that we have the police to do so will no longer be the same as the same police are not at home, lack of manpower and material to act effectively against them.The agents who are there turn out to be bad with their own firearms to be able to go (according to an incident in Amsterdam where one has fired 21 bullets (!) to eliminate a confused person, and two more bystanders were also hit).

Two years of cell for weapon possession where you have to sit out 2/3 scares someone who is not committing a robbery.

So I look at it mixed up here.

On the one hand, I find that we should not get fear culture like in the US.

On the other hand, I also find that the punishments given to weapons possession and use to criminals are hardly put off and that the police in the Netherlands are too short of resources to act effectively.


We pay quite a lot of tax money for a functioning police, defence and security services.I think we should make good use of that.

When a government considers it a good idea to outsource security tasks to the citizens, I do not know if that is a good country to live in.After all, this means that the government can cut back on few other things (there will be no adequate, accessible care anymore, asphalt is a no-obligation thing, flowing water something from the past).

Dear questioner, I suggest that you move to the US, most of all, to e.g. Texas.There you can pick up your heart and even carry a firearm visible on the street. In any case, after many years in the US, I have lived happily again in Europe (the Netherlands).

Civilians with firearms make the police much more nervous and aggressive and that ordinary citizens are constantly afraid of shooting incidents.But as mentioned, go ahead and live in Texas, but not in the Netherlands.

In any case, no firearms, because then you get US states.But for inventive non-lethal defensive weapons it should be possible instead.

Weapons ARE NOT for defense.Point. Weapons, especially firearms, aim to hurt someone else. Most situations in which someone is injured are with firearms and then to be precise, NOT the one who had the holder of the firearm in mind.

As Royi Eltink also says: No, in the Netherlands we have a social and police device, for which we are all responsible (both financially and in substance).This device, called the right state, is intended to provide us with the security it currently does. Military outward, safety inward. Weapons, be they knives, axes, pistols or automatic weapons, belong in feudal Japan (or the Slowly sliding America) where one had to protect themselves from every passer-by who wanted that which you had, from your grain, to your cart until you Wife and or children. For this reason, through hundreds of years of political and social development, we have developed a system that ensures that by law every inhabitant is safe for the other.

Tolerating weapons is like America going back to a time when everyone follows and executes their own right.So you want?

If we assume that everyone is entitled to safety, then there must be someone between the criminals and the honest citizens.
This can be a government, with a well-functioning police device and court, or the citizens themselves.
It is up to society to determine this.
At the moment, I do not have the impression that the police and the Court are properly fulfilling their role, and I am speaking only for Flanders.Criminals, if they are already arrested, are not overly persevere…
I am therefore in possession of weapons, although this should not necessarily be firearms.Pepper spray can work very effectively against a burglar. But that also falls under the law of arms and is illegal.

Only if

1 You can no doubt prove that your life is in such danger that you need a weapon.

2 You follow an extensive training to be able to go safely and responsibly with a weapon.

3 You submit to a personality study to prove that you are not unstable.

If you are one of the cases where point 1 applies, you will get a bodyguard.

After that course in point 2 a normal man will not want to have a weapon in its house.From my military service I know that a fatal accident is in a small corner.

If, despite point 2, you still want a weapon, you will never get the research in point 3.

Not in the Netherlands, because I fear that it is not going well.I base this on how I experience how people are driving. When it rains, many road users panic and many are driving dangerously. When the weather is nice we have the same problem. Let alone how they would deal with the use of firearms.

On the other hand, a knife can also be a weapon.The possession of it is also tollerated, but if you use it in defense then you have to explain quite a bit to the judge. The offender is soon seen as a victim in the Netherlands if it is injured.

I assume we are talking here about firearms like pistols.

Although the idea of a weapon as a defense is a fun endeavor, people with weapons will not use it exclusively defensively.

In addition, the question of how often the option of a gun as a defensive weapon suffers a better outcome.Proponents of firearms often seem to sketch an unrealistic image where everyone with a pistol is a robot that never panicked and shoots 100% accurately. Unfortunately, the situations in which a firearm theoretically make a difference often include stressful situations in which people make mistakes and possibly worsen the situation.

Finally, I am afraid that if people are armed more often situations escalate by force because they feel empowered by the presence of weapons rather than trying to de-escalate situations.

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