Do you think men and women can be friends without ever developing feelings?

I am bisexual.Research shows that more than half of young people identify themselves as bisexual.

According to this thought, none of us would be able to have friends of any gender whatsoever.That’s obviously sound-ready nonsense. I am perfectly able to have a friendly relationship with someone without having sex or attraction watching. And everyone can do that.

I think that this can not give a self-fulfilling prophecy: precisely because you think that this cannot, you will never be able to separate friendship and sexual/romantic appeal, and will automatically any contact with anyone of the sex To which you are attracted lead to sexual/romantic appeal, which confirms you are in your thinking.

But it starts with that you think it can’t.If you believe it can be, then this really is no problem at all.

Last but not least I feel attracted to people with whom I am friends.Or to people I just met (have). But I’m grown up and in control of my own behavior (not my feeling, but my behavior) so I can choose to accept that. Yes, I have a friendship with someone I’m attracted to. And?

And nothing.I have control over my own behavior. I once asked my husband to stop taking a certain colleague. That I found so insanely appealing, that was not good for me. That is what adult people do who know they have control over their own behavior and when they have to intervene.

We humans are not good at learning to live with uncomfortable feelings.We tend to want to solve that. So, do you feel attracted to another? Away with it, if you don’t have the opportunity to do something with it. But we could also learn to accept that kind of uncomfortable feelings: yes, I’m attracted, but the friendship is so worthwhile that that attraction is less important, and so I have to accept it. I sung a time in a choir and was quite in love with one of the other women who sang there. Well. Uncomfortable. But yeah, that’s singing he 鈧?娄 so accept it.

I honestly admit that I can make that difficult to separate from each other.There are some women with whom I regularly have a nice conversation or something to drink with, but almost every time it turns out to be a little more than friendship and it ends that we start a relationship or just not. But I almost never see that again afterwards. But I will not do that when I am in a relationship. I find it too disrespectful to my girlfriend and with my innate impulsiveness I would always be betrayed myself because I am someone who often does statements and then only thinks.

But really good girlfriends that I say I would never want anything more with, I don’t really have.

Yes, though.Easy.

Contrary to what one claims there is really a big difference between a friendly, Plato niche Click and a romantic one.One can find another reasonable look and have a click and if og do not want to be more than friends. Then that is just better.

The idea that (heterosexual) men and women cannot be friends or make sure feelings come out, I find spicy nonsense.I do not think it is anything to start a relationship with a platonic friend. Just not a good situation in my opinion, that sexual chemistry should be there right away. But you have to know it yourself.

When I speak for myself, I say 鈧?艙ja 鈧?I am assuming that my male friends also think about it. If they have other feelings for me, then I am not aware of it

As soon as two people come together, there are feelings.It can’t be any different. No matter if it is two men, two women or a woman and a man. But you will have goals on romantic or erotic feelings. And yes, you can. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. Not mind, provided you are adult. Enjoy these feelings and do not bother the other.

Sure.I have had several female Collega s that I considered as a girlfriend, even doing fun things with it as going to the cinema or to a festive occasion without there being any erotic feelings or 鈧?艙excitations.

‘, ‘ Of course!I myself too, because about half of my friends is masculine. Feelings? I don’t have o.d.m..

“,” As long as both people don’t feel physically attracted to each other, that can be certain.If it does, then there is a lot of risk…

That, I know from my own experience, is excellent.

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