Do you think it’s better to be a self-Employed? (as opposed to working in a company). Why?

I think both are pros and cons.

If you work for a company you have:

  • Relative security of a job
  • Build your social collateral
  • Do you have a regular income
  • You may have advantages agreed in the contract of employment
  • Are you thinking about tax and hourly charges
  • Do you have protection from a trade union or works council if you choose and remunerated your employer often part of that premium
  • Often work in a team or with colleagues

Are you self-Employed then:

  • Are you responsible for finding work or making products
  • Build your social collateral only if you’re extra insured
  • Do you run the risk of periods without assignments and revenues
  • Do you have only those preconditions that you grant yourself within your work discipline (childcare, travel time compensation, work phone, etc.)
  • Do you often have no protection from a trade union unless you have paid a membership there
  • Often work alone or in a temporary place
  • You have to think about your hourly rate and the number of hours you want/need to work

I was always very happy to work as an interim, fast short projects with a fixed end date, preferably via a detacher.For example, I had the advantages of a job and the benefits of a self-employed person, because I chose for the assignment or not and partly partially myself my hourly wage and preconditions.

The detacher then did the ‘ rest ‘ of the work.Find projects and develop proposals.

Now I am entirely on my own, I rule everything myself and must therefore also keep abreast of changing legislation for digital nomads and the tax law whether or not I may work in my host country and what my hourly rate is to be able to pay everything.

That’s quite a lot of work.There are really days when I desire a regular 9 -5 office job or a fixed assignment that I can do as a self-Employed. Sin which time to anticipate the financial consequences of a contract end date.

But then I think again how much freedom I have now and then I feel more privileged than all those people only have 2 -4 weeks a year holiday and every day drive the same piece to their work and sit behind the same desk and with the same colleague should same Nwerken.

I think it’s a personal preference to which of the two you feel most easily.And what you are most happy with.

I remember that when I became unemployed because my first and only real employer went bankrupt, I was told to the UWV that I had to start before myself, because so many people in my age group were job seekers.I then organised networking meetings for peers who wanted to get started. And so much struggled with the forced self-employed, they just weren’t suitable for it.

Now years later, a lot of those people are ‘ just ‘ at work at a boss, with a contract and thus with relative certainty of a fixed income.

Some people are not suitable for freedom and thus the uncertainty that the self-Employed can offer.

It travels a lot of creativity and a lot of flexibility to be able to hop on project to order and to potentere customer in the hope that the money flow does not stop.

ZZP stands for “self-employed without staff”, but it is also very often for “self-employed without money”, or “without retirement”…… or “without project”…..

And that’s pretty unfortunate.Because it’s a fun way to do business, provided you can find assignments or generate income.

It has both pros and cons.

The company is simple, but less free and self-Employed is more free, but less simple.

As a self-Employed you have to do a lot of things (administration, sickness failure, leave/vacation, working hours, wring hours, receipt of pay for hour worked, reminders on non-payment, metc.Keep track of them all. But you can work when you want, while you have time for children and/or other (ancillary) activities, etc.

As an employee in a company you are a wage slave, you have to do what the boss says, you have to run the agreed number of hours, there are rules where you have to keep up, etc.But you do not have to do anything to receive your wages (unless something goes wrong, but that goes for ZZP just like that), you don’t have to look for work yourself (unless that’s your task), you only have to report sick or take vacation days , you go home after your work and then rest, etc.

For myself, self-Employed is better because ikmbecause of medical reasons three times a week should go to the hospital for half a day at a time.I have also worked in employment, but that is not financially viable. Also, I can no longer move well.

Now that I work for myself I have the opportunity to choose my clients and to do mainly that work what I like and where I grow.

In the years that I work for myself, I am slowly ‘ growing up ‘ towards a situation where I can focus on what I want, rather than on ‘ What my employer wants ‘ and I am able to form my own plans instead of having to follow the company policy.

Being self-employed also has a lot of disadvantages, but the advantages weigh up there in all ways.

That is always to whom you are, and how you are.I have never been able to work for a boss for a long time because I always find my ideas and work ethic the best and find myself again every so many years.

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