Do you think it is normal that people sometimes eat with their hands and not like modern civilized people, with cutlery?

This question could ask my mother.She eats everything with knife and fork, even though it is spaghetti. She also uses exactly this phrase “modern and civilized people”.

At Central Asian rice dishes it is an insult to the cook: you want to say that the rice is sticky. If you are not handy with your right hand, just grab a spoon, but fork is not done.

You also have finger food, pizza and all sorts of wraps, dips, pita, fries etc. etc. etc.

“Civilized” means that you are not in a fixed pattern and develop helicopter view.A well-known anecdote about the meeting of Yuri Gagarin and Queen Elizabeth II states: There was a Russian tea with lemon served instead of tea with milk and Gagarin has just eaten his lemon slice out of his tea. Exotic fruits do not throw away as Rus, it is expensive and rare. He just kept a simple pilot even though he was a world famous astronaut. All the Presel diplomats watched each other startled, but Elizabeth has just eaten her own lemon with pokerface.

Modern civilized people.The superiority drips from say.

We are not a third world country but we are not really civilized.In many cases, people from poorer countries deal with their families in a much more peaceful way. Just to mention something. I can mention livestock arguments that show that we are not a civilized country at all, but I have seen the questioner show, no need at all.

Yeah I find it normal that people sometimes eat with their hands.Why? Because many cultures are now eating their food with their hands. And I don’t see the problem in this. It is very hygienic. Do not immediately think that people who eat with their hands are also very nasty and walk directly from the toilet to the kitchen with their hand in the food rooting. No. I know many people from cultures who eat with their hands (in some Asian and African cultures) and who wash their hands better than we do.

By the way, eating your hands is much more tasteful in my opinion.But if you are already so set up that you find yourself in a 鈧?虄modern and civilized Culture fit, then you will never experience it.

Success with it in your civilized world.

If the eatery does not have cutlery…

The modern, civilized, American restaurant chain that supplies cutlery to the food I still have to come across.The advantage is that they are able to eat their dishes so that they can be eaten ‘ out of the Knuiple ‘.

So I had a nice sandwich at the Subway this afternoon where I didn’t need any cutlery to eat that.What a time to live!

In Thailand people eat with spoon and possibly fork, a knife is not used for traditional Thai meals.And sticky rice eats you with your hands, something else just doesn’t work. And regular Rice also goes well with your hands when you have “dry” dishes. Of course, Noodles can not eat with your hands and with spoon and fork is also drama. For that you have chopsticks.

In The Netherlands there is of course also the sandwich.Nothing as efficient as two on each other, siege between and eat with your hands. It gets warm again now and then you can choose between ice creams with a small spoon or just a horn and some mess.

I’m pretty versatile with cutlery: knife-spoon-fork (also the “from outside to Inside” version at extended dinner), knife-fork, spoon-fork, chopsticks and in addition I know my hands are also fine to use when eating.
Am I less civilized if I decide how I eat per occasion?

Not always, quite often.The Dutch kitchen is still quite international oriented and Roti I also just eats with my hands.

That is my criterion right away; There are pancakes, wraps or sandwiches, all good.Apart from a club sandwich, I pick up the knife and fork.

Phew.. Tricky subject, if I can believe the reactions.

I myself must always be a little gniffle (forgive me) if people who try to eat chicken wings or paws with knife and fork.That does not really happen to me.

I find food with the hands delicious.Are not connected and still enjoy good food in my own way. I do have a little shame, I notice, when I eat at someone else’s home or in a restaurant. But I break that at the moment there are cracks for me hehe sorry.

But whether it is civilized with knife and fork food.I do not believe that, especially Western I think.

I’ll snap exactly what you meant.I read in the replies some comments about you ‘ civilized ‘, but I find that it’s exactly appointed what you meant. At least, what I think you meant, because I also ask myself this.

Of course, you don’t have someone who takes a freshman with his fingers out of a tray, but one step further like that, as we have previously learned not to do, under the guise of ‘ neat eating ‘.

I see it now sometimes, a big sail on the table with fries thrown thereupon and even the sauce.Without a sign. Hands in the fries, take a look at the dot Mayo and Hoppaa. But also on terraces, a large plate with good food and a sandwich. The food falls a little apart, that sandwich is swept through it, just a pull through the sauce that is at it and the strips of meat are also picked with the fingers of the board and packed with it. And the cutlery is just unused next to it.

That is not the right thing. They did this in antiquity and let them lick the leftovers by their dogs.Not like now like modern civilized people.

Or is this the now?I also don’t like it normally, really not. But standards are taken down with a lot of everyday things. Standards and values as well. Less neat. Much less neat even. But is it because the standards have gone down, so now ‘ not such neat things ‘ as your board scrape empty with your fingers, or normal? Or, even though ALL 10 ‘ ers and 20 ‘ ers do it… is it still NOT normal?


And maybe it is quite normal to link ‘ modern ‘ and ‘ civilized ‘ to each other, but it is not true.

Ever been to a fryer, a McDo or Quick?

Certain kinds of food it is even in our culture “allowed” (read: Not wrong) to eat with the hands.Itself in more sophisticated environments, such as chicken, and even oysters are usually slured out (although I prefer a solid oyster spoon, which in our country seems to be untraceable).
In other cultures it is even quite normal to take everything from one large central dish with the hands.
So in short, yes normal, depending on the circumstance/environment.

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