Do you think it is necessary to adjust your clothing style depending on your age? Why whether or not?

I don’t think others should do that, you just have to do what you feel good about.For myself, however, other rules apply because as Anna in her reaction also implies, clothing affects how people see you.

Because I was very young, I was not taken seriously.In addition, I had a somewhat more alternative look, in my view very mild, but for the average shelf and/or tackle jellyfish (so I mentioned them) at the office it was already a lot. I realized that I wouldn’t get a chance here unless I looked like them.

For that reason I completely reversed my wardrobe for my work.For me it’s just a work ‘ uniform ‘ and in the beginning it felt especially like ‘ I’m dressed up ‘. It gets used.

I am also going to behave like them, I really see it as a game.Where I have a lot of leather because the world where they live really isn’t mine. I would not be able to live there, all those clean appearances, but above all they are all lost. Well, by now I am fully accepted and I have a certain role. Mission successful.

Back to age, again, I think people just have to do what they want and not have to take anything.Life is just too short. In My spare time I also draw on what I want, I do think about my ‘ reachability ‘ towards people. I did not do that before, I did not want people to be approached, now I would like to be ‘ open ‘ everywhere and be approvable for everyone, so I keep this in mind. I want to be connected with people so the chain with spikes that I leave just home;)

Nothing is necessary.It’s just your clothing style. Ultimately, it’s about who you are and not what you’re up to. It does indeed affect how people see you, especially if they don’t know you well yet.

What I often see that people continue to wear what was fashionable when they were young and they do not adapt to the fashion of today.

Or do they think it’s classic and of good quality and therefore never ages.But it’s not so even in classic/formal attire. You just see it being outdated.

I would dress myself much more ouwel/indifferent, but my fashion-sensitive environment really encourages me to dress much younger.”But Yeral, why do you have these pants on?” and “These pants are really very good”. I also like it and get a good eye for it.


Currently my 24 鈧?”7 Onslow kit outside and public.Fantastically! I wear it as long and as often as possible for years to come. I leave coats, scarf, hat and sunglasses aside.

Summer edition: See picture, although I usually wear black shoes.I wear short trousers as long as possible. Shirt sometimes outboard.

Winter variant: Polo-shirt (short sleeves), same as on photo.And long sweatpants, possibly two over each other. In the picture I briefly cut it.


Answer from Cornelis Zandbergen op when are you the most yourself?

Clothing or style was never important to me.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that others judge you on your appearance. Do I think that is correct? No, not really but you can’t ignore it. But you can choose how you handle it.

I try to take this into account anyway and try to adapt my clothes to the conditions.Used only in my work environment. Now, even more so in other circumstances, because I do not want to attract attention as an introvert person.

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