Do you think humanity is doomed?

No, I think that ‘ doomed ‘ is doomed to become meaningless.

Humanity is a self-proclaimed name for the collective of 7 billion individuals.Each of these currently living individuals, dies within now and about 100 years. Why? Because that’s what life is. Eventually (as we have now been able to deducing, experimenting, observing and laying down), each species mutates to something else at a given time. At that moment it depends on what happens with the different mutations: horizontal drift, vertical drift, etc. Many mutations are already ‘ doomed ‘ after 1 generation (or sometimes after a few minutes, hours, days or years). As a result, we still see little concrete changes in humanity, but they are already abundant. Cognitive development by other uses of nutrition, by other use of instincts, by other use of our neurological composition of the brain. This will then provide subtle (and sometimes mutative, not subtle) changes in the brain and therefore any successive generation.

As has already been pointed out in other names, every species has been mutated to a new species that could no longer interfere with the previous one (reproduce).That ultimately means that the Homo Sapiens will also apply. There are many more things that affect the survival of humanity as a whole in the coming time, but ‘ doomed ‘ is merely a negative nomination of something that is inevitable.

A mammalian species seems to last about 20 million years.As a human being we still have a moment. But in the end, human beings will also extinction. Even further in the future, the sun will turn out and the earth will go down and even further in the future the entire universe is cooled and dark.

Maybe not, but our home is doomed.There are theories that argue that the ‘long slumber‘ and doomed universe are not correct.Problem is, that is not yet conclusively proven. The theory of the ‘lung slumber‘ could be incorrect because the measurements of the universe that we have are not complete and therefore the scientific perception is not.The earth will disappear, it is swallowed by the sun, and both camps agree.

And then mankind will have to learn to make long space journeys and find new habitable planets, to find better leaders and to create a more effective society, we want to achieve it.

However, if we look at the results from the distant past and all of our closest related species, it is more likely to assume that we are also finally laying the bob.The others are all extinct.

So what a story it becomes, a tragedy, or an eternal story, may depend on how clever and wise man is.

Moreover, according to a Swedish geographer, there are also reasons to believe that doomsday thinkers are generally not so clever and wise.


Fear is one of the most important means to influence people.Influence in English. My history teacher always said, we need to learn from the past. Nie wieder Faschismus. That was his message. We were all involved of course. Still, by the way. Don’t misunderstand me. However, when we look at the Romans, the Greeks, the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment,… There are a lot of striking similarities in how power and money behave in relation to the powerless. In My time (yep, I’m an old bag), you already had no Greek anymore, but rather Latin. The Greek philosophers, the Roman philosophers, more recent philosophers, make it clear that sensible people have long been trying to analyse and fathom human nature. We already think about the church that promised hell to those who had been naughty. If you were well, you would not have a fun life, but if you were dead you would go to paradise. Those who did not comply with the 10 commandments were always on the first row in the church. In that sense Karl Marx saw it right. However, the togetherness he saw among the people among themselves, did not turn out to work. A man who is out of the way to provide the community with food, while next to him, sees three others hang around instead of working? That does not exist, the only incentive that encourages a man to hold a tedious task for years, spending hours in the traffic jam, that’s money. If you want to know how much everything looks like 100 years ago or 2000 years ago, you should read the important opinion makers from then on.

If we return to fear, then in my time it was afraid that the oil was going to run out (oil crisis) and control over the oil (see also Golf Wars).The point I am going to make is not whether it is true or not, which frightens it, but whether it is something that a human being has to deal with. More on that later. Back to earlier, you had the Iron Curtain. Afraid of the bomb. The man who gave us Alfred Jodokus Kwak has sung about it. Herman van Veen, I’m a fan of his voice, sang about the bomb, the bomb never falls. Again from the eighties ago. You also had the 1990s where AIDS was very dangerous. More deaths from cancer, but if you like to go to the birding, then you could die sometime. And we all know what the oldest profession in the world is. You really need to know what the people were dealing with in every decade. Not judging from what we know now, but what one didn’t know at the time. The red thread is afraid anyway. Whether the threat is real or not, that doesn’t matter that much, because as an individual you can do little to nothing. The point is that people are frightened, jut up. In Belgium, the nuclear weapons (obviously denied by government) were besieged by demonstrators (the army camp where they allegedly lay). The weapons are probably still there. That has been a great example of a lot of read headlines and TV programs. People shackled to the screen. Bought a newspaper every day (some forests had to be cut down). The focus of the people was not focused on how the power was to squat the future of society by building up debt. In Belgium (repartition system) to spend pensions (the buffer for now). Everyone was afraid of the bomb. Today in Belgium it is clear that the economy is not running (which was already clear 20 years ago), the traffic jams are the result of decades of mismanagement, justice (no more statistics since 2016, can you imagine that? Google knows about what toilet paper you use, but justice, the only thing a citizen supposedly has to assert his rights, does the files literally rot in the humid cellars of the Palace of Justice, digital? Never heard of it) no longer exists, buses Bulgaren were brought to Ghent where they were enrolled in the OCMW for living wages and a social home, today the air traffic leaders can demand anything or they report themselves “Ill” (April 2019!), the education Dramatically deteriorated to the point of kindergarten but no one can make the education leagues anything. There are no pensions. A self-employed person in Belgium gets about something from 800 maybe now 1000 EUR pension premirrored. An employee slightly between 1000 and 2000 EUR. Civil servants (shorter careers, sometimes study years counting as working years, accumulated sick leave until just before your retirement,…) who get up to 6,000 EUR in the month (the highest are the party males who have served their party, not the Society). The reversed population pyramid in which there are few workers and massively many baby boomers retire every year. What is going on in the elections this year in Belgium? The climate. It is not the sea to Brussels state. The beach and the sea are still just as 10 or 20 years ago. Mind you, it will go seriously wrong somewhere between 20 and 2000 years! Only today there is no money, those who still work (and not for the state) are broken every day in the stench of the traffic jams, do not have time for themselves neither family nor any social life. The taxes are already well above what the Laffer curve describes as “more taxes are less than delivering”. The Belgian economy hardly grows (everyone official!), the pension costs grow every year, the interest rate is low but even then we still pay 15 billion interest on the debt which is only 100% of the GNP (and if the GDP subsides, the debt rises). Since the ECB has to raise interest rates to 1%, it is done with Belgium and France (same story as Belgium).

The media is a good Bang.Being afraid comes the power well.

And you let it happen.Because you do not read, you do not inform. Does not understand how the economy works and what a country is doing. And how everything is linked in the world. How the USA plays in power in the world, the struggle for the artificial intelligence? Europe could have been in addition. But Europe is in no fields nor roads to confess. Ever wondered how that comes? If there is 1 tip that I give everyone is, that if you see a prediction, who is scoring and then watching whether it suits or not. If you believed Trump would collapse the economy then you have believed a prediction and don’t see it come true. Because the reality is different from the prediction. Well, look for predictions that come true. The Trump prediction was Larie and Poppycock which was sold as truth. This is not a call to Gloven me, this is a call to see further than your nose is long. I read the news media held by Democrats and news media in the hands of the Republicans, from these two you can at least more or less understand how the US is in each other. In Europe, we have only given the Democrats their opinion. Europe but laughing (or being afraid of the split in the US that has always been there, Dems and GOP lusts each other raw, has always been so). Europe must now start begging at the US regarding tariffs. Can I find Trump arrogant, a jerk, a power-lust and yet still the only one who wants to act against eastern dumping? Europe is being bought up by countries that do not give a elevators to human rights. The US is still the least of all evil. And Europe does not propose anything, we have no leaders, except for that Drunkelap from Luxembourg. Stupidity comes from too little knowledge. And the Twitter and Facebook generation knows nothing more, it can only handle 180 characters. Something deeper? Ho but.

The world is doomed because the world is all about the fact that society is Dinseyland. While it has been going for centuries for power, money and control.That explains Trump and the low unemployment and records on the NASDAQ and NYSE. I prefer something that predicts exactly what is going to happen.

Totally doomed I don’t know, but at a certain point we get some cataclismic events where huge extinction is a very good possibility. This can be “manmade”, but can also be natural.A huge astroid? The whole volcano in Yellowstone Nat’l Park-which is going to explode once, and if that happened, you just stick.

Manmade is of course also a good possibility.I came across an article for a number of years in a journal and described “Discoveries and inventions.” They compared EVERY discovery/invention “as a lot of balls that were white, gray or black. There were only a few black balls in the whole, a few more grey balls and a whole hop of white balls. Each ball represented one invention. A “white ball” invention was a “safe” invention that would not terminate the world, for example, the wheel. A grey ball can, under the right conditions, terminate the world. For example, nuclear power? A black ball ends the world. Can that be AI? Who knows? But people are inventive enough to eventually find out the “end”. The problem is that this cannot be stopped because the world is always moving forward.

Dark?Yes, though, but I also believe a reasonable idea.

Doem in the sense as you mean it is an almost exclusive Christian concept.Although someone has left the faith 30 years ago, apparently the apocalypse is an extremely attractive concept. We are Westerners, even though we do not profess faith, almost all of them culture Christians. I do not save myself, though I reject this notion of doom, which I consider to be a chimera.

And even after Doomsday there is life.With this word it seems like I read the Bible: Fierce and empty. Only God’s spirit hovering over the waters is lacking. I am opposed to this: every night is a new day, even for the darkness of the universe. When man dies, new life forms will rise, and among them will be more than one waking up one morning from a dream and saying with full conviction: Once I have been a man.

Armageddon!Time is pressing. According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the end of times is now adjusted to some 2034. Only 144,000 anointed Christians will receive a heavenly resurrection. The rest of mankind is then damned, whatever that may mean.

War!During the Second World War, an estimated 65 million people were killed, including 50 million civilians.

Flu!A hundred years ago, 20 or even 100 million people were in the Spanish flu.

And yet we are bastard with far too much, and 227,000 residents arrive every day.

But there is also some good news and still the United Nations.If one assumes the UN forecast that the world population in 2050 involves some 9 billion people, then man will only have less than 1m 虏 per person towards the end of… The 333th century. And, who knows, there is already a human colony on Mars.

Sorry, I won’t find you on a climate March.Each his own task. Man can and must do something to the environment, the climate listens only to Mother Earth.

Dammy yet!

Not in particular.

There is no curse about us, but of course our kind will disappear in time.
Whether that is 100 or 1000 years (by our own doing?) or earlier in a few million years (by Evolution, asteroides,…) or the end of our planet?

There are numerous scenarios imaginable in the short, medium, long and very long term.
Maybe we use genetic manipulation on ourselves, or do we integrate with technology?Perhaps we create descendants who are smarter and more sensible than ourselves (organic or not), who can also live/exist outside our planet.

Perhaps we are making ourselves to the buttons, but then I think it will be a decime rather, and will the deceased from the debris create a new society?

But if you look at how quickly we have evolved people since 100, 1000 and 10000 years ago, it is very difficult to predict what will happen in the coming centuries.

But doomed?No. For centuries people have been saying that we are doomed, and that it went worse than before. All were wrong, and we are now better off than ever before: we live longer, healthier, with more and with less war and violence. We behave more peaceful and thanks to the ways of building and sharing knowledge (technology), we are also smarter than ever before.

So if there is one thing you can predict based on the past: Doomsday thinkers are wrong.

Doomed seems to me to be pessimistic.However, it increasingly looks like the lessons of the past have been forgotten. Just look at the increasing extremism, openly racism by prominent politicians and the frightening reduction of tolerance.

It looks more and more that we need a world war or whatever to be reminded again of what populism can bring.

What I hear today’s politicians on television was unthinkable ten years ago and seems to be becoming more mainstream.Even in a country like Belgium, extremists appear to unite and have been warned for a while that attacks against aliens are no longer to be excluded. Recently there was a manifestation of right-wing extremists in Brussels that would draw across a park where many refugees are stopping. Just as with Jews during World War II, the local people who voluntarily provided them with shelter were protected.

Well, at least we are not busy, but I still believe that in the end there are always enough progressive voices that can make a difference.But as always, something will have to happen first before the blinkers fall away.

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