Do you think extraterrestrial

Life is undoubtedly there.The probability of higher life forms, such as eukaryotes (plants, animals and fungi) is smaller. The probability that evolution is a self-conscious and thinking creature is even smaller. Indeed, Intelligent life is not an inevitable consequence of the evolutionary process. If 65 million years ago that meteorite had not been embarked, dinosaurs were still dominant and mammals only marginally.Evolution is a completely arbitrary process with almost endless outcomes, intelligent life is one of them.

And if there is an intelligent life, then it is questionable whether they also know a technological society.Remember that man has been hunting for hundreds of thousands of years with sticks and stones and that only about 200 years an industrial society exists. If history Was a bit different then we would still sail on sailing ships and drive around on horses.

I find this a wonderful question because no one knows the answer.

For me, the answer is very easy: of course!

Why do I think that?If we only look at our galaxy, the Milky Way, which has a diameter of 100.000 light years. Then you look at the number of stars like the sun in the Milky Way and the amount of planets that are close enough to that sun to be pleasantly warm, but not too close. The amount of those planets in our Milky Way is so great that we do not even know the answer to them. Aks last, you look at the millions of galaxies that stood in the universe.

If you can see and know all the hoving, then he is reasonably arrogant to conclude that we are the only intikugente creature in the universe.

As a final point, the universe is made up of material, and you can not create anything out of nothing, so I think there is a second, and perhaps several parallel quite all, with one built from a positive something and the other from a negative something.What is “something” we do not know yet, but we do know that this has already happened very deeply in the cell structure of each cell, where constant negative and positive things are created and at the same time destroys.

It would not surprise me if we found intelligent life.Hopefully we find them, and not the other way around, because generally the “finders” do it better than the “found.” Especially if the finders are religious b

Sometimes I think there is no intelligent life on Earth.

I am convinced that there must be life somewhere in this immense universe, from the fact that life forms depend on energy and that it can be delivered from the biomass from the environment it seems to me likely that there is also a development direction and form of intelligence must be.Hunting requires planning. Look at our own fauna.

Yes, I think so.It is very unlikely for me that there would be no extraterrestrial life, intelligent or not. The universe is so great, there are so many galaxies, with so many stars that resemble the sun, with so many planets that resemble the Earth, that how small the chance of the emergence of life is, there will be life.

Personally, I think so, it would be weird if we were the only one in such a large space.

Yes.Even if you’re going out of a very small chance there should be some other intelligent lives somewhere. Most of the stars we see appear to be whole galaxies on closer understanding, and the discovery close to home of different places where-our conception of life alone-is possible, makes it plausible that life is something that is quite common. The step to intelligent life is not so big anymore-even at a small chance.

Man interprets the time according to the Sun.Therefore, the time that the Earth has been running a whole orbit around the sun is 1 year. (Space = 1 year Further, Time = 1 year further) Man himself gives meaning to words like “year, month and day”. Convenient and efficient to create structure, clarity and order. It is actually nothing more than universal agreements among man of what the definition of a time period is.

There are infinitely many other solar systems.All with other time perceptions, other natural laws and other chemical elements. This also applies to other biological rules. Because of this, these organisms are probably very different from humans. Maybe we can’t even see them, maybe our brains can’t even include how such a creature looks like. For example, man cannot see the colour of ultraviolet, many other mammals. Man cannot fly, a bird. There are so many differences between people and other forms of life. Perhaps these creatures do not live in a three-dimensional but in a four, or even higher, dimensional world?

It may be that we are the first to be so intelligent/conscious/relativizing, but that opportunity is very small in my opinion.So: Yes, I think there is extraterrestrial-more intelligent life.

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