Do you think every generation is different or different in life? How are millennials in your opinion compared to previous generations?

Coincidentally, there was not so long ago an investigation into “the narcissistic” of milennials, because they are rather accused of being lazy and getting low scores, especially in the US.

Turns out to be no crack of knocking.Milennials brains look the same. They take the same study points as previous generations. They do just as much to sport and movement. They eat more or less the same things. They think about the same about contemporary politics as previous generations did about the politics of then. In other words, milennials are not at all the snowflakes for which they are often held.

I do not believe in the “generatialization” of society.All BS. Everyone is his own i. That has always been so and will always stay that way.

My generation was told that you have to earn the world, not that you are entitled to it.I also grew up in a world where “the millenials” should remain in the incubator of their “safe space” at birth. I get worse at the lack of original thought and addiction to their screen. Could a very little war sometimes not be better?

I was 17 in 1968.And one of the few who did not rebel against the establishment and for free love. Braaf child, good learner.

Some of my classmates-yup, girls school with strict rules-were much more concerned with the rebellion.One was constantly caught smoking joints in the toilets. Another was given penalty points for the possession of Mao’s red booklet. Number so much of the rules (about): ‘ Whoever does not achieve half the number of points for conduct must do so by right of the year ‘.

There was a rumored and shame talked about th茅 dances where ‘ things ‘ happened.And if you were caught less than a kilometre from the school in the company of a boy, your parents got a red card. Ah, those boring parents.

Anuna De Wever is 17 in 2019.It mobilizes every Thursday-no free day-mass demonstrations for the climate and against politics. At first glance, this seems sympathetic and wise and courageous.

Excuse me for a different opinion.

Anuna and her supporters do not rebel against a previous generation as it did so far.Who has never been told in his/her youth that the youth of today is not a dent?

No, I believe that Anuna and Green Left-wing parents and green Left teachers are rebelling in order to save political currency for the forthcoming elections.

The Dutch have to turn off the gas. Belgium wants some gas stations to generate electricity.There will be an electric Citigo of Skoda with which you can drive 300 km, so you do not get from Antwerp just Paris.

Thanks to the bankruptcy of Electrawinds, a wind farm in the North Sea, investors have lost their money and more than half of the Belgians do not want additional windmills nearby.Says Green: Kerncenrales are priceless. I say: Four ministers for energy are relatively also money away.

And what about the solar panels?They do not go on forever, and it is not a blocks that remains after their dismantling.

But, ho!Anyone who dares to think of nuclear energy is a far-right sujet. The law has been voted and therefore the nuclear power plants must be closed. Emergency breaks law? No, if there is a dire lack of electricity, Belgium has a switch-off plan. Depending on where you live, the light goes out. Unless imported from neighbouring countries that collect power from nuclear reactors or brown coal power plants.

Conclusion: The Anuna generation rebels unintentionally against its own way of life.Smartphones need to be charged, city-trips do not go by cargo bike, Facebook does not work with smoke signals. Etc.

Cruise ships in the port of Antwerp polluting?Yes, but those are the NGO ships on the Mediterranean as well.

It reminds me of a jeans that a colleague once brought from swinging London.On the back pocket, the spell: ‘ Lord, let me keep my big mouth shut till I know what I’m talking about ‘.

Luckily, the Netherlands has some columnists who give me the feeling that I am not suffering from young dementia.

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