Do you still read the newspaper? Which newspaper and why do you find these interesting?

I read some newspapers and magazines.

I read the time (Belgian newspaper), the Guardian (British newspaper) and the New York Times (American newspaper) on my mobile phone or tablet.

The time discusses Belgian topics in the most ‘ neutral way ‘ and also has a lot of interesting articles about startups etc., the Guardian has very interesting articles on the environment and international politics, and The New York Times has very interesting news regarding America.

I also read a number of magazines, including the Economist (broad economic developments in the world) and the Diplomat (a magazine about political news and more specifically diplomacy in Asia).

I can’t easily handle the amount of specialized (science) news per day.This is made possible by the Internet.

Google, Research Gate, Springer Verlag, Mendeley (van Elsevier) have service-to-measure, qualitatively so precise that it still surprised me daily and/or weekly how well I kept up to date.

That’s why I cancelled my newspaper.


The selection of what I would like to read in a physical newspaper is also time-consuming in itself.

I read the Correspondent (digital), the Gelderlander (paper), the NYT (digital), the Tielenaar (digital) and the Walloon Weekly (digital).

Occasional Volkskrant, Parool, NRC, Trouw, FD, Times and TELEGRAAF.

Most of the time I spend with the Gelderlander, because I have the whole puzzle page of Doe, but no more since Bertus (10 differences) is retired.

Most of the articles I read from the Correspondent, because that daily appears on my Phonetje with intriguing headlines and interesting topics.

Most complete I read the Walloon weekly.Nice short and great selection of facts and news from Wallonia.

I only read online newspapers.I have a subscription to the New York Times and read daily from Der Spiegel and die Suddeutsche Zeitung. And regularly the Guardian, the Volkskrant and NRC (have several apps to circumvent the restriction a little), those Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, die Zeit and TAZ. Sometimes Le Monde and Lib茅ration, Washington Post (would like much more, but then I should take a subscription), Politico, Japan News (脡rg good) and Fox News and New York Post to see what Republicans in America are getting read. On special occasions a Flemish and a Walloon newspaper.

All in all quite a lot, but I try to put multiple opinions and reports side by side.Takes a lot of time!

Yes.I read the financial newspaper, the regional newspaper, and in the train-provided I have time-the Metro.

The financial newspaper I have received from home earlier than I chose it myself.My father always read this, and as I had a sense I started reading too. The regional newspaper I find mainly interesting because it makes me familiar with the political happening in my city. The Metro I read because I like to read some while I’m on the go. Usually this is a book, sometimes here on Quora, but sometimes also the Metro.

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