Do you stick the camera from your laptop and/or phone in connection with possible hackers?

Yup.I have those nice sliders with which I close the different cameras. For hackers, though, that chance is relatively small. I mainly do it for the apps that may be included without my permission. Unfortunately, I do not consider this opportunity much bigger.

I also did that with my previous phone, my current phone unfortunately has a notch and sticking the camera with such a slider would also stick the rest of the screen down.

I’m sticking the camera off my home computer, but not my work computer or phone.I regularly work at home and get quite some Google Hangouts or Skype calls. I wouldn’t want people to see me accidentally in a bathrobe or unshaved picture, or see how my work room is actually a mess I have to share with a litter box (in pictures).

Yeah sure, I’ve taped the camera off my laptop since a long time.But the camera on my cell phone I have not taped. That would be impractical. In addition, I often use my camera to make selfies. In addition, I place my mobile phone in a case. So it’s actually a bit similar to pasting.

My mobile phone and laptop

I hope I have answered your question Thom Schuit (Quora user).

I have 1 laptop, from work, and I have taped it with a special slider.

I work for a large IT company and yes, we are just a target. On the other hand, the laptop I have usually slamfolded… And what could someone see?

At home I don’t use a laptop, but a desktop, without webcam.Did I have a webcam? I would not stick it down. I’m not so afraid of hackers. That might be nai毛f, but if someone can hack my PC, I’ll have more worries than someone can film my face.

Phone is a completely different story.I have never even thought about it. But that is not practical either. Outside the making of any pictures and selfies I am never in the picture and the thing often lies towards the ceiling with the Frontcam and the Backcam with good resolution is down. Interesting images huh?

The fear of hacking cams that someone can save images of you to blackmailed you.. Well if someone has me that kind of footage, I wish him or her a lot of fun with it.

The microphone I find a more valuable thing to eavesdrop, but of course you do not go out of action on your phone…

No, I remove the drivers or just switch it off from the OS.

No, I haven’t taped it.To begin with, the chances of getting hacked are not so great. This is because a private individual is usually not so much to tackle. Furthermore, if I get hacked and you look at the camera, I wish them a lot of viewing pleasure. I can think of more interesting footage than a corpulent man who is on a screen tail.

If you are sitting naked everyday for the laptops then there is something to say, you are a well known person there is also what to say.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they stick the camera down.I only often ask myself what to do for the webcam when you are sticking the webcam off. A hacker does this to make money. If you’re just sitting in front of the laptop to mail, visit websites or play a game, they don’t get any footage that makes money.

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