Do you prefer to play on consoles, PCs or both?

Well, I’ve been playing on the PC since I was a kid. So my “weapon” of choice will always be the PC.However, I’ve tried a few games on a PS4 and Xbox 360 with a friend, and consoles are also amazingly good when playing (that’s why they’re called GAME Consoles duuuh).

That’s why I’ll make some arguments for why PC is amazing:

You can update it.The games need more and more powerful components. Simply remove the lid, replace your old motherboard with a new one, install a new, more powerful CPU, add some RAMs, a bad graphics card, and possibly a larger power supply to provide more power for your build to available, and ready. This is not possible for consoles. You need to buy a new one.

BUT THE ADVANTAGE OF consoles is the price in this first point.Because a new gaming PC can really jump from 500 dollars to over 3000 dollars. A new console costs about 500 dollars the top version (PS4 Pro for example).

You can play many games on a PC.It doesn’t matter if the game dates back to 1990 or 2000 or the latest title of 2018. Your PC will run it! This is not possible with consoles. A PS1 game can never run on a PS2, PS3, or PS4 console. This also applies to other versions.

In terms of point 2, games on the PC can be free.Sure, this is illegal and not fair to game developers, but not everyone can afford to pay for their games. So many games can be played for FREE! But for consoles the PS4 can not be modified and you have to buy EVERY SINGLE game you want to play.

Multiplayer IS AND WILL ALWAYS be free for PC games.Console users must pay to play online with their friends. The fee is not high for a whole year, but WHY do you have to pay? You are already paying your ISP.

You can play on a desktop PC or a laptop, it doesn’t matter.And you can add multiple controllers at will. From the traditional keyboard and mouse to a gamepad, a joypad, a steering wheel, etc. Things are a little more limited on a console.

We return to number 1.It is true that a hardcore gaming PC is quite expensive, but let’s see what you get by paying this price. The most expensive console we currently have isn’t powerful enough to offer you full 4K gameplay at> 60 fps, but a PC can do this. With enough upgrades, you can even reach up to 4K 144Hz. And the color and video quality can never be surpassed by a console game.

In the end, after all the writing, my last argument is that a PC can really give you the freedom you need.You can install your PC on the wall as follows:

You can organize your “room of play” according to your wishes and design RGB or with multiple monitors, which is NOTable for a console player.

Here are some photos of what I mean by this:

and of course you can go full bananas and create a WAND of screens (credits to LinusTechTips that have tried this).

Sure, all of this can mean a small fortune for you, but if you really love playing and don’t have any other things to spend your money on, it will put a smile on your face and you won’t regret investing in something that you love.

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