Do you prefer an E-reader or a real book? Why?

I only read fiction.Science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, detectives. Yeah yeah, I’m a flight reader hahaha, if it doesn’t think of real life and trouble:) For me no profound navel staring and stuff like that. I become very and sad. Anyway..

Fiction doesn’t matter where you read it.No plates, no reviews, stuff like that. You don’t have to browse back and forth, you don’t have to look up things.

I have been using an e-reader for 10 years.Fantastic.

First, I can put EVERYTHING I have on it.Do I want to read something else? I read something different! I don’t have to stand up even. And travel all fantastic (only the charger not forgotten Hihihi).

Secondly, I can read in the dark.I never became sleepy of reading in bed before, actually I was only more awake. But that turns out to be the light that does. With the e-reader I become sleepy. And I don’t bother my wife with that little bit of light from the e-reader.

And last: It can be without glasses.Just try to lie on your side reading with a reading glasses op. AU. Not needed with an e-reader.

I don’t miss books at all.I still have them. On m n e-reader.

I prefer a 鈧?虄echt book, but usually use the e-reader simply because it takes much less space.My entire library I have so always with me.

The ecological aspect also plays a role.The pressure and transport of a book has a certain impact.

The biggest drawback is the lack of intuitive back and forth scrolling.You have a less intuitive sense of where you are in the book, and you can more easily mark or find things you’ve encountered earlier. It’s all going though, but it’s more stiff.

It still seems to me super, use a reader with e-ink screen.Super light, handy, you can carry several books at the same time and you have a new..

However, I can’t get used to it.

A book for me has something magical.The cover, the illustrations on it, the weight, the font and font size, the type of paper.. All this and more contributes to the adventure that is written down.

Flipping a page can also be in so many ways.Super fast because it’s exciting. Already hold a page while you read. Very quiet because you have to process it all. And I am convinced that everyone has his/her own way.

A physical book also has something mysterious.I catch myself that I’m secretly “curious when I see someone reading a book in the train or somewhere else.

  • What is the title?
  • Recognize I have the illustrations on the cover

And then I stop myself after 10 seconds because I would find it myself also K & ^ When I sit quietly read and someone 鈧?艙reads along “.

With an e-reader or phone, the above is missing altogether.So ja 鈧?娄 prefer a real book

I had to get used to it, but for me the e-reader is a wonderful device.I am ultimately talking about the stories I read. With an e-reader it doesn’t matter how much I take it there, it’s always the same format. That is very pleasant.

But for some books, such as beautiful photo books, an old-fashioned paper book still remains a wonderful medium.

I find an e-reader not pleasant.In My experience it does not count either.
A book in my closet is cool.Books in my e-reader, that’s not real (for me).
This does not count as a collection.I also often buy them in real-because I want to prove that I have read them. To whom? No idea actually. To myself I think. I find book owners Smart and fun. So someone I want to be. And I want to be able to give the books to someone who likes to read them too.

Another side issue-people don’t experience e-readers as a limit to not talk to you.That may sound a bit weird, but I’ve tested it. When I read on my phone or e-reader in my pause, people are going to talk to me (the phone I get, but I did not move..) As soon as I have a book in my Hand, the volume goes down and I am no longer approached. Books are really magical.

A real book!! I find it more enjoyable reading, DN It gives more a sense of overview, I can easily find interesting passages back and I can see how far I have progressed.But I was as a child already a real bookworm, and I’m from before the Iphone generation! And my eyes are light sensitive, so I prefer to read without a screen!

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