But, for La Sagrada Familia, I think a guide is not essential, unless you really want a lot of detail. Advice: book the absolute earliest tickets you can get in the morning, be there at least 15 minutes early, and enjoy it for little bit without the hordes.

Can you buy tickets to Sagrada Familia at the door?

Tickets to the Sagrada Família can be bought directly at the ticket offices which are located just outside the monument but there are great advantages to buying your ticket online. The price of this ticket does not include a visit to the towers or a guided tour.

What is the best time of day to visit Sagrada Familia?

The best time to visit the Sagrada Família is on Mondays at 9am, which is the quietest slot of the week.

Moreover, is there a dress code for Sagrada Familia?

Dress code for churches: Shorts or bare shoulders are not allowed for either women or men. The Sagrada Familia Basilica is a church. They were regular length shorts, not short, but not acceptable in the Cathedral. I saw many other people turned away for shorts and tank tops.

Can you get into Park Guell for free?

You can enter Park Guell for free. It is the only Park Guell’s monumental zone, which forms 5% of the park, that is access controlled. The monumental zone is access controlled because most of architect Antonio Gaudi’s work is in this part of the park, and it is what tourists pay to see.

What should you not wear in Barcelona?

Avoid wearing casual shorts in the city, save them for the beach, wearing them elsewhere will generally label you as a tourist. A skirt or loose-fitting light weight fabric trousers are more suitable since they will protect you from the sun.

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Furthermore, do you need audio guide for Sagrada Familia?

Not taking a guided tour

If your budget does not allow you to do this, I recommend at least getting an audio guide together with your Sagrada Familia ticket – I promise you will not regret it, as the information is very interesting! NOTE: Make sure you come at least 15 minutes in advance if you get a guided tour!

Subsequently, question is, how do I skip the line at Sagrada Familia? How to Skip the Line at Sagrada Familia

  1. Buy Tickets in Advance. Anyone can purchase admissions tickets about two months in advance.
  2. Book a Tour. Booking a tour will alleviate any nerves about planning an itinerary and getting from place to place.
  3. Opt For the Nativity Façade.
  4. Go on a Monday_
  5. Have a Drink Hotel Ayre Rossellon.

Is the Barcelona City Pass worth it?

The pass is totally worth it for people who are staying in Barcelona for 6-7 days and they want to make the best of it – Hop On Hop Off bus, Gaudi attractions, Port Aventura, Montserrat half day tour, boat tour and lots of other skip-the-line tickets.

How much is the entrance fee to Sagrada Familia?

Admission Prices (BASIC – ticket) for the Sagrada Familia

The regular admission price for adults is 20 € and children under 11-years old are admitted for free into the Sagrada Familia.

Can you bring a backpack to Sagrada Familia?

Can I bring a bag with me into the Sagrada Familia? Yes, but you can only bring small bags and backpacks. They will be checked before you enter the church. If you are going to climb the towers you have to leave backpacks in security lockers located at the base of the towers and costing €1.00.

How long is guided tour of Sagrada Familia?

At 90 minutes it is almost double the length of the official Sagrada Familia tour.

What is the best time to visit Park Guell?

What’s the Best Time to Visit Park Guell? Park Guell can’t be beat with the morning light so I advise the earlier the better. Your best bet is getting Monumental Zone entry before 9:00 am and showing up about 30 minutes before to walk the free zone. The crowds won’t be any thinner during the day.

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Which tower in Sagrada Familia is better?

Majority of the visitors to Sagrada Familia seem to think that the Nativity facade is better than the Passion facade. In fact, the guides who take the tourists to both the towers say they have seen a better sense of satisfaction in tourists who go up Nativity facade.

Can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets on the day?

We recommend you buy tickets online because you’ll avoid long queues. You can also buy the tickets in the Sagrada Família ticket office, once you are in Barcelona. But in this case, the tickets can only be used to visit the Basilica the same day you have bought them (and they are subject to availability conditions).

How much time do you need at Park Guell?

Regarding your question, the average time for visiting the Monumental Zone (where you need a ticket) is 60 minutes. For the free access area of the park, which is quite huge, you need about 1 and a half hour.

Can you take photos inside Sagrada Familia?

Yes, cameras are allowed inside the Basilica and you sure will need one with you to capture the beautiful stained glass work and the intricate architecture inside. over a year ago. We took pictures everywhere with no problem.

Can you take backpacks into Sagrada Familia?

Any bags you take will be checked by security. With the unfortunate Barcelona attacks in August they may be more stringent. Try not to take too much with you, travel light. But yes, you will be allowed to take back packs into the church once searched.

Can you go to Sagrada Familia without tickets?

If you are flexible and aren’t bothered about visiting the Sagrada Familia at a particular time of day, It’s often possible to purchase tickets online 24 hours in advance or even on the day. If there are no tickets available, it’s still worthwhile visiting the Sagrada Familia from the outside, without going in.

Is it worth going up the towers at Sagrada Familia?

We have stitched up 3 solid reasons Why going up the Sagrada Familia Towers is Worth it, so read it for yourself and decide if you agree. You can have a sedate tour of the Tower in an hour’s time. During crowded hours and days, it may take slightly longer, but not more than 1.5 hours.

Can I wear flip flops to Sagrada Familia?

Not wearing comfortable shoes

I decided to wear flimsy sandals to tour La Sagrada Familia. Wear comfortable tennis shoes or flats and ditch the sandals or flip flops.