Do you know some nice opening phrases?

I do not, I always whistle and then I cut with my fingers.They will immediately bring the bill.

I know only the calibrated was your father a thief because I believe you have stolen a few stars and who are hiding in your eyes.How much does a polar bear first throw your ice cubes on the floor to stomp on it quickly behind it after saying enough to break the ice. Are you an angel because with you I would like to be after heaven. You have an opening I have meaning. I usually ask for a fire and then chat.

In Case of super distress I am going to lie like crazy.I step on her and say normally I do not do this but you are really such a nice lady that I would never forgive myself if I do not now take the chance to introduce myself then I am going to beat myself the rest of me life for me.

Sukkel How could you make a nice lady walk.Hi i am and I would like to drink a cup of tea with you. Or do something else fun where I could get to know you better. Do you think what or you find me just a scary griezel. You would make me very happy with it take me number I would find it very unfortunate if I hear nothing more from you. Nice Day further greetings

On the basis of the first appointment I have to look at what the planning is she has no friend there is not too thick to put on it but I’m going to make sexually-toned jokes and sit on your shoulder hand on your hand to grab hand on your knee maybe after you Butt.

I want the bed in with you as soon as possible because if that didn’t happen I’m wasting time.I get to hear sorry I have a friend then I keep it cosy but briefly agree 3 times is the limit then I ask if she may have any girlfriends that are just what it would be like.

After 3 times agree and she does not send me after a girlfriend and I can not sleep there again sorry adios I am by after the next.The nasty for men is the frequent rejection that does very much. Every time the initiative has to take is sucks if you get rejected 3657 times then you become a bit discouraged too.

When I was young I was stupid I kept maare hanging around as a kind of puppy.They want attention dats nice but I want to fuck fat bone do not give attention fucking is wasting time.

I was super sweet as young man I bought flowers chocolate books talked about anything and everything.Tried to help them with advice. Only when I turned into an untie etter i lay to fuck. I still don’t get that when I’m honest. If I am sweet and sensitive, they find me a gay I am an untie etterbak they don’t know how fast they want me to draw boxer from me butt.

As soon as I treat women as dirty I am bone coarse I treat them like me annoying little sister they find me amazing and the women I really liked were mostly insulted because they felt I was downstairs.So from a guest you don’t know your place in no million years I would like to have a relationship with you.

Because I am knapper earn more have a better training completed come from a family with money am better educated you are not the chief of the social group you do not meet requirement xyz you want weird things in bed you do not marry any children ect.Look at all that is possible but the self-confidence of a young boy goes after the sucks.

I am now 28 because of circumstances stopped dating because I have just become psychotic after the psychiatrist.I arrived 15 pounds I’m getting bald I don’t deserve so much I’m still sitting with me emotions through me psychotic symptoms I do pretty little.

Yes I have some old ladies who I look for in a while and have very unsatisfactory boring sex with it Maja dats still better as nothing.As long as I still suffer from tinnitus voices though and have little control over me do and let it seem to me to be wise to start some with someone who doesn’t know me. To be very honest I don’t want to be a relationship I just want to fuck very simple.

Do you play Pokemon go?

Because the next randomly is in my bed

Are you FBI?

Cause I d like to open on for you

I’m going to follow you on Instagram,

Because my mother said I had to follow m N Dreams

Are you with law enforcement?

Cause I d like to be enforced by you

There there are a few haha

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