Do you have to be ‘ yourself ‘ anytime, anywhere?

One of the possible definitions of human beings is: Man is an adaptation machines.Humans can maintain themselves in very different circumstances. The ‘ I ‘ sitting in the church on Sunday * is the same ‘ I ‘ who is on Saturday to shout and rant to the football field *. In Both cases, I’m ‘ myself ‘, but I have a broad repertoire of behaviours – just like you. Considered sober, there is only one ‘ I ‘; The idea that I only have one behavioral possibility that I then need to apply but everywhere is insensible.

In short, I’m everywhere myself.And I am able to meet different conditions/environments.

  • By way of speaking then.

I never come into the church and rarely stand on a football field. You should always try to act according to your own values, in any situation, but your specific behavior is determined by the context.You are acting differently in a professional situation than at home, but you can try to handle the same values. In that respect, it seems to me good to always try to be “yourself”.

You can also turn the question around, is it possible to not be yourself in this universe?

It is with whom you mean with yourself.

At home and near the neighbors do you still have different types of lamps hanging in all shapes and sizes?

Besides the kind and size, do they sometimes also give different colours?

But the electricity that ensures that they can give light that is always constant and inorderly anyway?

So exactly your mind works.The preservation of your mind is always the same. But how he responds to the source is different for everyone.

And here the problems begin between people, they foccusen themselves too much on the individual traits of the spirit that then collide with them.

Now to come back to your question: Should you be yourself anytime and anywhere?

If you have fully realized yourself in what you really are, then you are always and everywhere yourself.

If you think that you are light, you will always come into confrontation with other lamps.

You need nothing, that everyone can know for themselves.Free will etc.

I myself have studied in the rebel Sixties in Amsterdam, do not feel obliged to me at all but also to make a confirmation, although I will do my best not to shock anyone, and will give me as a guest to the opportunity to adapt, that I am the host/wife Required.The same applies even if I visit a religious building as an infidel, I enjoy the beauty of the ancient buildings, the art that is there, and behave respectfully.

I will also never consciously walk through my behaviour unnecessary Risiko’s, for example I will in a strictly religiously Muslim country The fact that I am unbelieving not to bazuinen around.

I do indeed try to be myself forever.If you’re always yourself, that’s much easier and you don’t have to play a scene. When you play often, you forget what role to play and you fall off the tone.

Therefore, it is useful to develop good manners, respect for fellow man and decency.If you’ve gotten them all from home or you teach them to yourself, you’ll always have to play one role. Believe me, it’s less tiring.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user).

I think it can.But that doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself completely. Please be a little yourself.
I would like to say that, do not take any other identity.

Caution is advised.People have been attacked more than once because they were now just themselves (e.g. Transsexuals, ladyboy or homosexuals who are thrashed on the street).

What I have learned from my experience is to adapt and feel what it is or is not safe to be himself.

Flexibility is important and aware of the problems, conflicts and attitudes in the world.

The most healthy thing a human can do is learn to create a balance between being himself and adapting.

In some groups you can be comfortable (because you are surrounded by people who are like you and understand you better), in other groups you adjust your best and you keep certain things better for yourself (not to be attacked or rejected).

I wouldn’t do that.Sometimes you come across someone who resembles you in terms of character. Then you have so disagreement….

Doesn’t seem to me.Especially when it comes to business contacts, it is often necessary to take a role.
In private contacts and in relationships it would be possible if it were good to be yourself at all.If you should assume a role in a relationship, it’s probably going to be a mistake soon.

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