Do you have questions about recruitment marketing and applying? Anne Troelstra, CEO & founder of Jibser answers your questions (see link) #DTV. What do you think of this VIP taking questions feature?

I have no real opinion on that, or my opinion is not so great about it.

Every company has to decide what the company and its users have added value.I understand perfectly that you have to experiment and try things out occasionally.

The English version allows each user to invite their followers to ask them questions.

I tested a few at that time.

The first time I found that there were quite interesting questions. But the second time it was a lot less. So I stopped it. But that does not mean that others may have positive experiences with it.

It wasn’t even noticed that the Dutch version (and the French version) didn’t have it.

I suppose the ‘VIP taking questions ‘ matches The ‘Quora Session Host‘ feature they had on the English version and then opened it up for other users.

(Or quasi everyone, there are certain conditions in the system e.g. minumum 100 followers)

But to answer the question: I understand that by inviting experts or celebrities you can create a certain buzz.That can lead to good questions.

In Quorin’s business model, good questions are reasonably essential.So in that perspective it is certainly a good idea.

Am I running hot?

That will depend largely on the host.For example, I had never heard of Jibser let alone by Anne Troelstra.(I suspect that is mainly me, so don’t take it personally Anne.)

Through their website I come to know this.

Recruitment marketing is attracting relevant applicants for an open position by means of



2.Data-driven content,

3.Hyper Targeting and

4.Omnichannel candidate Journey.

??Omnichannel candidate Journey?

That is a very mouthful, but that tells me nothing.

But because it says nothing, it is an ideal opportunity to work with and give that ‘VIP taking questions ‘ a fair chance.


How does ‘ Omnichannel candidate journey ‘ work in recruitment?

I expect a reply within 24 hours Anne Troelstra!(Joke hear Anne!)

Apparently I am the only/first one who has effectively asked a question.(or the feature is not working properly yet.)

If I am effectively the only one, that 24 hour deadline should be a ciny.


Am not sure if that is good. May be too much on the commmercial side. The VIP can be under pressure to bend answers to her case, which, even if not admitted, can give the reader the idea that it is. It can therefore devaluate the value of the answer, I think. At least I would take the answers with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, being an expert, the VIP can share valuable information.When clearly identified, one then has the option to ignore the replies. Much depends on the integrity of the VIP and that will also soon become clear of her answers. Great integrity would then serve the Quorauser and the VIP and her case.

Of course, the VIP can also share its expertise as a private individual, outside the context of its business. Actually seems better.If she really cares about helping people, why not take the complication of their own interest?

Hard to say how it will go.Maybe a palusammy good.

I think it is a good initiative, from the fact that the VIP is actually really an expert. That way you know with even more certainty than normal that you get a qualitative answer back which motivates extra to ask the question.In addition, I like to have a theme once in a while where extra attention is paid to Quora. This ensures that you will automatically think once outside your standard area of interest.

I do not know Anne and his company, but read that he has already given good answers.However, I would like it if, in addition to the regular experts here, there would occasionally be a real VIP from outside who would not normally take the time for Quora or might not even know it. For example, in the field of recruiting a well-known headhunter, or head of recruiting from a prominent and sharply growing company in NL. If then the existing Quora experts respond, you may get an engaging discussion.

From both Anne Troelstra and Jibser I have never heard of it.So as to designate someone as a VIP seems to me a little exaggerated.

I know them from the English-speaking Quora.In general, I find the subjects that pass there, less engaging, but that does not necessarily have to be so.

Should the subject interest me, I would make sure to use it.

Good idea, it can help someone across the threshold:)

I find it to look but sloppy.This is not a VIP platform, this is social media.

Your question is worse readable than the sex question where it is next to it in my feed.

I can’t ask a question if I follow the link?Nothing happens when I tap the button. Find the VIP feature quite cool

The American Quora has him too.I regret that not all the questions asked are answered.

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