Do you have a Google assistant? How do you like it?

I do not have Google home products but I do use the Google assistant on my smartphone.

I think it’s a great program.I’ve also tried Bixby but I’ve come to the conclusion that Google Assistant is just a lot better.

I wake up and say: Hey Google, how is the weather today in Rotterdam?My assistant opens the week I’m in and tells me how the weather is.

I’m cooking in the kitchen and have Netflix on it.I want to look something different: Hey Google, open Friends on Netflix.

I’m driving (handsfree) and want to call my uncle here: Hey Google.Call my uncle. Your family members then set in advance, of course.

Do I want to set up a song while I’m doing the laundry?Hey Google, play Eminem off. And then she immediately opens Spotify that I have already linked and starts a random song by Eminem.

Do I have no desire to manually set an alarm?Hey Google, appointment at the doctor tomorrow Half 1. In no time it is done.

This is not a problem for the Google assistant.Does it make my life simpler and more enjoyable? Know for sure.

It really suits me well and racing with Siri that does it for sure.I wonder what the future will bring us. Google Assistant will soon be able to call us to reserve a table at a restaurant.. All by herself.

I’m using the Google assistant on my phone.The use is actually only in the car when my phone is connected via AndroidCar. Even though there is a custom (simple) interface on the car’s belt for music and navigation, it is often easier to control the whole way through voice commands.

Swapping music by just asking whether to play an artist or a playlist via Spotify is a lot easier than a few menu s to go through and to select the right one or to search for it altogether.
Also, the navigation is easier to set up by saying 鈧?虄usual where you want to enter instead of through a screen a search query.

So far all the positive to easier use the phone functions in the car without losing too much attention from car driving.

What the Google Assistant can’t do is read incoming messages aloud.The function is there to allow incoming messages to be read, the assistant does not have the Netherlands yet. Dutch phrases will be spoken in English. Often you get something that sounds very weird and totally unintelligible. This same applies to replies of posts, this may not be in English, but should be in English.

Very very nice!Handy device.

You should just know the right questions are to ask.This is for trying.

But what I find useful is hey Google make a shopping list.

The list is on my phone when I’m in the grocery store.

Also, Google home will hear you very well wherever you are in the room.


But if you do, look out for permissions and permissions when you download the relevant applications/software.

Google uses speech authentication.I will keep a long story short, but some sound fragments should be verified by employees and corrected if necessary. So it can really be that what you are consciously speaking of is actually being bugged. Not necessarily with evil intentions, but this will be at the expense of your privacy.

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