Do you get bothered by your work or employer during your holiday? Do you think this should be able or not?

The work I do is going to be quite in my head and is a regular cause for anxiety and stress.It just keeps grinding. It is important that I clear my head from work.

Moreover, I have seen something too often that I was called with a lot of hassle without really having anything going on.If there really is something of high distress, okay, then I’ll get it. But just by mindblowing plans or just uncertainty of a colleague who really knows how to do it I’m not going to stop my head back in work.

I believe very well in organizing and making clear agreements.In case I have to stand by because of a rollout or something like that. Then we can arrange that. In case of not, it should wait a while. There may not be that I need to solve things, then we do something wrong. Perhaps there has been no good transfer of knowledge, or if there is no stand-by that should be, it must be solved in that way.

It is so that the work is first more in my head and that I am still thinking about it myself.As a lecturer, there are jobs that are known for the New school year in the last working week, timetables, new classes, maybe new courses, new ways of working, new assignments. You won’t be able to pick it up again when your work week (Reading School week) starts again, because then it goes loose again. But that “hears” now.

I have been a “preacher” for 20 years.That’s an area where your work never leaves you alone.The more you work with people and their problems, the harder it gets to stop that.

The last 20 years have a whole different working environment.I now work more with equipment than with people. The problems that now arise keep me busy-until I run the door. Although there are some exceptions to this, it is now much easier to say, “that can wait until tomorrow.”

On the other hand, the last four years my task is changing, and longs my boss that I also answered my phone outside the working time.That is because I am the only one who does this work, and so there are no colleagues who have an answer.

Work unfortunately remains a lot in the head.Hard to back the focus on the silent. Actually, the work has to stay there

‘, ‘ Of course it should be.Why not? Do you hate or dislike your job that you don’t even want to be remembered for a few weeks. Spoils a phone call from college or boss the holiday? I never understood that. It says what about the attitude and functioning of the employee. I know the phenomenon and what I noticed (personal experience of 25 years) is that those employees are the cancer owners, nothing is good, everything is better and always prepared to a confrontation with Collega s and especially with staff departments who can do nothing good. I managed some 10 nationalities and only the Dutch, on a few occasions after, were not bothered during the holidays. So I called someone because I had good news about his fees. He did not let me pronounce and pointed out that he was on his way to the airport and his holiday was just beginning. Fine, he got his sentence and his party did not pass by. If you do not want to contact your collega s or manager you need to urgently look for another job where your self esteem better to his right butt.

“,” Yes.I’m MN own boss.

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