Do you find music of the past better than the music of today? So, why is that you think?

Even now, great music is being made, in almost all genres.The problem is only that most poptransmitters are slammers with those horrific beatbox-auto tune productions. You have to look for the good music elsewhere, but it is decided.

I think everyone just loves the music of their own childhood. Just because it was usually a very pleasant time, where we were working a lot with music.

In the past, much music was still artisanal, so unique and personal.Now the computer plays a big role in the production with Autotune as low point.

If you look at the mainstream music, that’s always where the ‘ bad ‘ music is. Regardless of time.Now the songs are algorithmically glued together, clearly audible. I don’t think it’s that nice. I don’t like fluted singing hamsters. Each so its thing.

Nowadays I listen to even more music from the past.It’s also a matter of your taste I think. I’ve never been from the mainstream, in 1995 the mainstream was just as ‘ empty ‘ as it is today. Just as soulless.
Produced to earn money, not played from the heart.

But what does it matter, you don’t have to listen to it.My son I offer everything, he listens to some things from the pop world, but also picks up everything from us. We tolerate his hamster music and he’s our ‘ noise ‘.

The music you like is primarily instilled during your teenage years and early adulthood.At that moment you are much more open to new things, and you are strongly influenced by the cultural influences around you. You make friends, establish relationships for life and do most of the things you look back at later in your life with pleasure and nostalgia. It is also the period in which you do many things “for the first time”.
The positive experiences of that time are linked to the music of that time.

As you age, new music will be used to give you a lot less emotional bond.The quality of the music from all these periods does not matter so much. It is especially the emotional bond with your childhood, which determines which music you like.

That’s why every generation again says in the same way that much better music was made earlier.

I do my best to open me up every time for what comes to new music, and often I also like to listen to it.I always discover new things. But at the moment I just listen to music to relax, I find the music from the time between my 16th and 30th year of life.

The new music also does not print in my memory.Where I recognize music from my childhood often after 3 tones, for me the music of the 21st century all sounds largely the same. It has nothing to do with quality. Unfortunately I also recognise music, which is not my taste at all, almost immediately when it comes from my childhood.

The music of today is so under the influence of the production companies, that everything sounds untrue.

When I look at the music that was played on the radio (years 70, 80 and to a lesser extent 90), I notice that the fun seems to be out of the music.Music is no longer created because it is fun, but because it has to bring money. At least, that feeling I have sometimes.

Mainstream hits from nowadays are mostly about love, but not the beautiful side of it.Cheating and reproduction are common topics. Where is the fun of songs like Our House, Hooked on a Feeling, Hip to be Square, Uptown Girl, You Give Love a Bad Name and I can go on doing so. It seems like today’s mainstream music is no longer fun.

In addition, there is a great lack of creativity.Artists do not go beyond four chords and instead of a personality or a certain sound, it is a product you listen to. Marshmello might be the textbook example of a musical product. The only thing that sets him apart from the rest is the marshmallow he wears upside down.

Of course it is not just misery.I can really enjoy modern Indie music, but unfortunately they don’t get as much attention as the popular DJ s and autotune singers with an above-average backpiece.

The usually though, but not everything.I used to found music was very personal based. In other words, the singer/Group of vocals (s) What he/she wanted (n). Now it is very commercial. So the song is made to sell most.

Optimisties message from a usually narrige old man.

Many and many more people make music than ever.Spreading music is easier than ever, thanks to Internet and digital media. No wonder there is a lot of undersized music in absolute terms. The same reasoning goes on for the written word: Make sure that you (for) parents read less, because there was just less easy written. So Is there no good literature anymore? Are there any good journals or websites? No valid opinions? Nonsense.

The advantage of accessibility is that many more people get a chance to be creative.The advantage is also that you have access to music that your ancestors could never hear-the price we pay for that is that we have to poke in a Gigantiese mountain mess.

And then there is this (thanks to Alex Johnston on the English Quora, very much worth following): “At one point, in some of the most popular music genres, we are going to think that we only have to play self-written songs” What according to him has a catastrophic influence on the quality 鈧?”because not every musician is a good composer.[1

And what is “junk”?Personally, I hate that so many people listen to music that I find junk. But they do that, to a high degree, in great numbers, in free will. Brainwashing? Meh. You will have to live with the fact that the vast majority of the population (myself, including yourself) consumes junk in full consciousness. Sugar and grease, alcohol and pills, Entertainment Today and just fill in what TV shows. Brainwashing?

Footnote of old man.Skip if you don’t have time. More than 50 years ago, Amsterdam 1966, demonstration of construction workers (plus of course students) runs out on confrontation with police. There is a dead one. The Telegraph message, to anger of the protesters 鈧?”in vast majority telegraph-readers 鈧? that it is not the fault of the police. The crowd remembers “suddenly” that the Telegraph was “wrong” in the 2nd WO and fires the Telegraph building. Never mind that the “mistake” so far has never been a problem “because the Sports page” 鈧?”and the gossip section 鈧? “is so Good”. Every day, at full consciousness, money deposited for a rubbish newspaper. Brainwashing?

I myself produce bad music.I play (or rather, ‘ practise ‘) bass guitar in a band for older beginners. Two trumpets, a pair of saxen, a clarinet, a trombone and after completing ‘ band practice ‘ we drink a beer in the pub. The music is not to be heard. Nevertheless, we have performances in the village park. I am RIL at the thought that we are putting this fumbling to people 鈧?”but people come and applause the Rheumatian mistones. Either-there is a place for bad music.

People who only listen to music forgot (or may not know) how essential it is to make music.The sheer pleasure of being a little better today than yesterday 鈧?”how miserable it may be with professional standards. And thank goodness, more people are given the opportunity to play an instrument than ever. I give a weekly class “ethics” to the public School here 鈧?”of my Seventeen Kids call 14 (fourteen!) playing a musical instrument as a major leisure-activity (and I’m not talking about recorders). There is still hope for the world.


[1 How did rock music come to devalue performing music written by others as lacking integrity?

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