Do you find marry without love bad? Even if both people are happy with it?

Totally top is that.But guaranteed in a different way than most here; Asexuality. Aromantisch. Well, people who literally have those feelings. Then that is only good, marriage can also have many advantages in terms of taxes, and family who asks ‘ When are you going to marry?! ‘

Because people who do not have romantic/sexual feelings, who want to marry too, hear.But then in the way that they then literally marry their best friend! What secretly seems to me also super cool.

Every person is different, some do have sexual feelings, some do not and some but a little.I am asexual until I have a relationship with the person and also fall on that person; Demisexually called that. I also do it for 6 months before I could fall on someone. You will think firmly; ‘ Yes but that has everyone? ‘ Ohnee though. In which some people enjoy a man without a shirt or a woman without a bra, I can’t do that literally. (Magic Mike I really don’t look.) Maybe after a year I would only feel something .And that also only with 1 person. Yes, people can be handsome. But more not with me. First a band, then maybe.

It is also reasonably normal to have not so many sexual or romantic feelings, but just as with homosexuality.. People have pushed it so heavily that they could only express it now, and perhaps not in the best way, or it goes along in grave. What nobody really want.Because those people have been depressed and uncomfortably almost all their lives.

So, such a marriage is top.But for the people who really choose them.

And high, everyone does their own thing.Leave them. Their those are totally happy.

Happy day!

In Western culture, this is something we reject in the rule.We have one, to my view what idealized, image of how we expect the marriage to run. In part inspired by the idea that if you love each other, you prefer to accept each other’s inconveniences.

However if you look at the stats, separating it is a popular occupation among faithlessness: Divorce demography.Many marriages do not save it. In the Netherlands, the ratio is above 50%, Portugal is above 70%. Countries that we mainly experience as a modern western, where getting married to love is the norm, we see that divorces often occur. India, where it is known that one is being married, we see low statistics, less than 20%.

So when I look at the overall picture, getting married without Love is perhaps a good idea.Besides an idealistic voice in my mind that wants to evoke something else, I certainly don’t find it bad.

For hundreds of years in the higher classes, weddings have often been a transaction between families.Love did not look at it. From the UK, the notion of ‘ the unconsumated Marriage ‘ (with two mm-en): a marriage in which sexual intercourse never took place-because the partners had nothing at all.

And if two people find this a good idea: who are we to say something about it.

‘, ‘ There’s nothing just that makes you happy.Personally, I would not get involved in such a relationship. However, if it makes other people happy, I see no reason why not.

“,” Bad?That is a moral judgement? Who can judge this? The law? This has really two sides.

Getting married is a good legal way to properly regulate how responsibilities are going to occur when one of the two partners dies.For example, when the couple has children, this can be important. A registered partnership cannot regulate everything.

On the other hand, how happy people can really be when there is really no love. A real marriage of love, is it going to survive living together?To be able to carry out a household together, a lot of mutual understanding and tolerance are needed. And how you maintain it without love?

Find marry obsolete I understand that people marry because of religion because when you read all the books, sex without marriage is super sinful.People are still afraid of hell and so on. Usually it has more to do with religious family so from yes eh you are going to marry then you are no longer the family to bother then your spouse is going to take care instead of dad. Seems to me far from ideal look even though it would be a good deal and I would go ahead materially considering it’s a pretty girl I’m getting a smak money. You don’t have to worry about it if you are ready to do it at a moment you are stuck with it. I’m really a jerk but I can’t eat pizza every day because after a year or 5 every day pizza you want something different if you’re not soul happy with someone and you just keep a little of you going sooner or later strangely. If you do not know how that person is when she is sick of going to lose or under the stress you are with the fried pears. As a lady you are also just out of luck you can divorce in the Netherlands but then you go get sinful with your family and find good luck with a new spouse. T biggest problem is you don’t like him or her you’re getting married but suppose you then come across someone you have those feelings for then you’re going to hit your own head. Most Muslim ladies I know are not so happy in hindsight because yes they are married kids but after a while husband does not so bar much more. Muslim Lords are also not as generous and creative in the bedroom as the average atheist. I’m bad in the sense that I use that neglect. Cheating is bad but if those guys do better their best they wouldn’t be with me the bed in diving. You would think that married women would be harder to lure in bed but unfortunately I have personal experience that that’s not so just for that reason I wouldn’t marry because I know if I can’t keep her happy she’s going to look for it somewhere else. Do not do my advice even if you are both happy with what if you are going to miss something better because you are young married.

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