Do you feel like your parents have treated one of their children as a favorite? What are the consequences between you, the siblings?

When I was little I found that my younger sister was more than I could, probably she profited from what was fought by the older brothers/sisters.No further consequences later.

The feeling that my parents had their favorite, I certainly feel like that. Firstly, that could be my own perception.Now I happened to have spoken to my brother and we both had the same perception, so that is unlikely. In addition, that is the choice of parents, not the child. If one child experiences it, the other child can be easily resented. I have a good relationship with my brother and we do not blame each other. However, it has shaped us, my brother and I have a different relationship with our parents and with it a different attitude in life as well.

We have both had different challenges in life and that makes us different.Whether it has been better or worse for me, I dare not say.

It Is too sensitive to go into that.

The oldest sister was the eye that made for quite a lot of jealousy.Got more expensive clothes allowed to stay alone in the beach cottage they had more privileges scooter was paid Chiwawa because they wanted that expensive iPhone. A while I was the oldest and a guy that I found though cunt. Maja I took out more rotness. I lied I stole I was sitting on the drugs was clever but did not fuck at school dealing ect. Difference between me and me oldest sister is that she is somewhat better sneaky playing the game that I just really said to me parents and that did not turn behind their backs. I have both parents often stressed their mistakes. I have no resentment or jealousy after me Little sister now gun her all the best. My parents accude me that I play victim of yes this that the problems I have come through you guys. To be honest, that is also so Maja which is not neat that I am exploiting it. I am also very good I am responding to my mother’s guilt. My dad knows that I loathe them and I mess up time and again belazer that I have of him that Cunn and calculated he is the emotional games me mother if you give yourself the wrong example and I sew time and again yes then you make someone that just more E n does better. Dysfunctional family but that was due to the unresolved problems of my parents before they got us and that collided on us.

There are situations where I have got that feeling, yes. Crazy enough not only as a ‘ victim ‘, by the way.Sometimes I was also treated ‘ better ‘ (or at least otherwise).

In itself that did not have any consequences.My parents are happy to divide that quite evenly.

There were 8 children at home.When I was 42, our mother made it very clear that only the eldest was worthy of her love.

Consequences?Very sure. As 2nd I was regularly mistreated. The youngest was virtually left to her fate…

I did notice that my parents had a better relationship with one of the children.My mother with my sister, my father with me, my brother hung a little.

Because of that better bond, there were differences in what we got from our parents.I hardly had to bother to get anything materialistic from my father, while my sister didn’t like that easily. In the end, my sister of our mother was given much quicker permission for this and I had to do a lot more effort.

My little brother has felt a lot of frustration.He always had to make an effort to be able to meet his sisters, he had no special bond as we had. Between my sister and my brother was a lot of rivalry, I often took my little brother under my guard.

Our parents have gone apart, the children have grown apart because we all had our own worries and did not know our family well with emotions.

We don’t speak much about the favourites role that is still clearly present. My sister is sometimes outraged when she hears that I got something from my father, which she didn’t get.But then I remind her of all those things our mother is doing for her and what I don’t get.

My little brother is still left to his fate.Both parents do not know how to deal with him, my little brother is a mirror of their own problems, which they do not want to face (dare/Can) come.

Even though I am no longer under my care, I notice that he is there.

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