Do you ever look in your partner’s phone?

Never done, until almost two years in a relationship I had the feeling that nothing was as it seemed.

And that’s why I found out that really was nothing like it seemed.

I don’t love to sniff around in someone else’s stuff.Not from my partner either. I had continuously suffered terrible stress from doing so. But in this case I am VERY happy that I did that in the end. Because I found out that was absolutely NOTHING like he said it was. He pretended to be completely hotel de Botel in love with me. He was so good at it that everyone who met us thought so too, and on the street people even said that. But the only thing that I was, was a method of revenge on my ex husband, because he told me who my ex was (before we were together, only because he also lied about other things, and did not came with evidence, I did not believe him. My ex is an expert to come over as well and reliably. A man without morality, who goes to bed with everything that is walking around. And also with the intent to pick my money off of me. A small capital. All my money was in our house, which at that time had been put to his name under false pretenses. If I was married to him, with all my money in his name, I had lost all my money. Because by the law the money would have been at a divorce from him.

This man arose to be the love of my life, while he was planning my demise from the beginning.

He sat on dating sites, went baar sex clubs, whores, 鈧?虄massage Huizen , etc.While he came home and looked innocent at me, with eyes full of love and innocence.

So I don’t like to secretly look at someone’s stuff, but when it comes to very big cheats and he tried to throttle me, the other loses his right to privacy with me.

He is the only one in my life with whom I have even looked at something of private things.I was really very lucky that I found out before we were legally married.

Never done.Why should I.


The saying goes: 鈧?艗as the worth, he trusts his guest 鈧?/i>

If I cannot trust my partner that I would be justified in looking for a moment on his/her phone, I would be better able to go to myself first.

In addition, I base my relationships around the concept 鈧?艗we tell each other anything 鈧? If my partner does not tell something, it was either not worth mentioning, or something priv脙 漏 s, or not worthy to break my head over it.

My wife and I trust each other.That has cost a few years on my part, because I have several exes who were cheating. Causes let us be outside, whether it is my own fault-that is always possible. But my current partner and I are already ample time together and I trust her completely.

The question: do you ever look in your partner’s phone for me is a simple One: Yes.

  • Do I do that often?


  • Am I doing that out of distrust?
  • Either.

  • Do I know without her?
  • Nope.

    I do that sometime because I’m looking for a specific photo, my wife asks me to look up something, on behalf of her someone calling OIDs, that kind of reasons.

    Conversely, it is almost not true.We can both do with bio-identification on each other’s phone, but we rarely do it. The need is simply not there.

    No, literally never.Conversely, I have already caught my girlfriend, with whom I only have a relationship, with my device and told her that she can still view everything, I have no secret, but I immediately change my password afterwards.

    She also wanted to give me her smartphone very embarrassed, but that doesn’t interest me.

    But in this way there is a mutual distrust that you do not know where it will end.

    So often, but not to check.Our phones are everywhere and nowhere, both we just grab the phone that is closest. We have no secrets for each other. It’s just a means.

    Sometimes I’m busy and I ask him if he wants to react to my mother’s app.The other way around is that something has to be arranged and then he asks if I want to react because he is not so tactical and it does not succeed him to hide his annoyance haha.

    Furthermore, I have something like that if he does not tell anything then it is not engaging or I have nothing to do with it/I can not add anything to it.There are plenty of times when I’m turned on. I like that. Shouldn’t think about it the other way around that I should tell everything. Half of the day is nothing to experience, if I have to experience it again at the dining table, well no thanks;)


    I do not want the other way around, nor do I hate it; If I want to show something I will come along with it.Foto s are simply accessible in the cloud, but the rest of all posts and data is largely work and further the only piece of private that I have left. I monitor it like a buck on an oat.

    I never look into it, I don’t see any reason for it.If I want to know something, I’ll ask. That’s just what we can do and that works.

    No, that is a breach of privacy.I do so only after permission from her. Don’t need it either.

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