Do you choose a real or a fake Christmas tree? Why? What is better for the environment?

I have a fake boom in the house and I have no clue if this is better or worse for the environment than a real tree.Of course, and real tree is more fun and nicer, but I find it too expensive (45-55 euros for a small fir). We didn’t have a tree in the house for a long time because we thought it was a bit corny. But yes, it has been a couple of years now. It smells like nothing, full of lights and balls that I hang again every year. It is a symbol that the month of December has started again and takes some extra light in the house.

Neither, actually.Christmas has become a much too commercial celebration which loses its significance. That I am not faithful makes it all the more tricky but a good excuse for a party I find fine.

Only in November Christmas stuff is sold and it should all be bigger and more and shinier and it has just lost its value.So I have a small coniferous tree of 25 CM high which in the summer is nice outside and in the winter inside where it is better protected from the cold. And Da s more than enough. Christmas four I no longer because the party is ruined by the commerce.

And if I want to eat, it can be any day I want.I do not need to excuse that.

Brrr, I think an artificial tree is better for the environment, if you do it for at least 8 years.But if a real tree can do a few years of service by putting it in the garden and re-using it, the differences become smaller.

But.In all cases, I choose a real tree. Still prefer such a small tree in a pot of a garden center than a plastic case. I have nothing at all with that. This year’s chore tree will again be a reservice, as it has endured the great drought.

My parents once had a year off with pine branches on the wall with some measly balls and garlands and then I found that pitiful, but in retrospect I have much rather than a fake tree.That doesn’t even smell like Christmas tree.

Well, it’s just my thoughts.Luckily, there are also people who like plastic trees. And if I can’t get over the street in a few years, because I’m too old and weak, who knows, maybe I’m happy with a plastic tree. I also eat VLA-uit-A-Pak instead of home-cooked custard and sometimes whipped cream from a spray-bus…

I have never tested it myself, because we never celebrated at home (and I was not honest with it either).

But now that I’m only living and meanwhile older, I honestly find it really nice and attractive though, so鈩?n boom in the house.

I’ve never made it, but this year I also want to join in to get that cozy Christmas atmosphere in your home.

It creates a sense of belonging to the rest of the world.

If you live alone, you feel such a thing easier.

I used to have contact with a woman who likes to craft and had her own shop.

E脙 漏 N of her specialties was mini-trees (in a mug) decorating and selling (according to theme-she did it for example.For Easter as well).

According to her, this was a great success.Now I don’t know if it was real pine trees or plastics. However, they really looked at me.

I think that both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Art Tree

  • No Potaarde, no loose twigs
  • Light in terms of weight
  • Plastic is easy to clean (should it ever get dirty)
  • Can you decorate yourself or use it (some are not suitable to hang decorations because the material V/d tree is too light)
  • Depending on the type of plastic it can smell dirty
  • Easy to clean
  • Must be burnt to be destroyed (unless the tree is made from biodegradable material)
  • You can spray with essential oil to get that scent in your home, but it is different from a real tree

Real Tree

  • Delicious, invigorating scent (which, if not, excites a nostalgic feeling)
  • Has a 鈧?艙aardend 鈧?effect on the state of mind (if we come into contact with nature, then this has a salutary effect on our minds -we feel more stable and sober by it)
  • Can you plant in the garden and grow further
  • Does not need to be burned

I can’t think of more pros and Contras.

PS myself I would choose plastic, because I find this easier (can be shipped, can be reused, and probably won’t cost you too -but this is still visible)

A real one, which smells yummy.Maybe I’ll ever buy a white plastic Christmas tree, which attracts me as well. It doesn’t make me a ball out what’s good for the environment! Very huh?

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