Do you believe that in the future there will be prejudices about intelligent robots?

How about robots taking over the world?

The term artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence suggests that it has something to do with intelligence.AI has existed for several decades. Academics have been using supercomputers for years to perform their mathematical algorithms. These algorithms try to make a certain estimation using mathematics and statistics based on a large amount of data. For example, the medical data of thousands of patients gathered over the last 20 or 30 years were viewed to detect patterns that can predict a certain type of cancer (predicting = probability count = statistic). Automatic processing of data by machines (computers or cloud processing) that can predict a certain outcome. It turns out that machines can plough through this data and can indeed predict certain diseases, better than doctors can. The core of the Zakk is that machines do this by throwing enormous computing power against it. Mathematics. Remember this, because that is essential.

Today, Chips (ASIC, GPU and FPGA) are fast enough to perform real-time, for example, trained models.For example, a model could process Photo s and classify it according to some criteria, for example, recognizing an airplane, a boat or something else. The models we can perform on our phone and tablet are still limited because the amount of memory and speed of processing are important. We are only at the beginning of the possibilities. Important to know is that cloud computing has so far mainly been about processors, the Intel Xeon and the AMD Epyc that we all know. But for training the models we need a lot of processing power. Graphics processors (GPU, e.g. AMD and NVIDIA) have much more floating comma (floating point) computing power than regular processors. Data centers are expanded with graphics processors, with configurable hardware accelerators (FPGA) or specific accelerators (ASIC). The computing power needed to deliver models that are then run on our devices will now be much more efficient and faster carried out by these versenllers.

Recognizing objects (classification), learning self-propelled Auto s, predicting certain illnesses is currently an algorithm in which mathematics and thus computing power try to mimic what man can emulate.Someone who thinks that robots have feelings or that robots take over the world next week are missing the essence of what self-learning robots and AI actually is at the moment (2019), namely computing power. Nothing organic, no life form, no love, no hate, just calculations.

Jaa Sure!These prejudices are already here.

But think that has come more through all the movies that people watch.

Because nowadays more and more are being experimented with.And you don’t hear anyone complain about it. Always there are intelligent robots used. For example in factories products are produced. That has so well extracted, then they make ever more intelligent robots to let everything run even smoother and more economical, so that they can replace all people with robots.

E.g.In Japan, robots are used to serve in restaurants. You do not even have to look far, in your phone there is also a robot gwn. You just need to click on your assistant and you can ask any question you want and your phone is looking for it. Or hospitals (as shown below).

Think that will only be more of a hype.

Throughout the world. There will already be prejudices, but they are nothing to do with the benefits of the intelligent robot.

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