Do you believe in true love? Why does/not?

I have found the true love ever, and I believe I will find it again

I met the father of my children online, 18 years ago.At that time I had a relationship with a Spanish woman for two years, we lived together and I was certainly not looking for a man.

But when I was downloading music on Napster[1 and chatting in the huge chat rooms that were on Napster….. I met this Dutch man.

Remember that at that time it took half an hour to be able to download a song….. So we needed the chat rooms very much.

It was so great to talk to this Dutch man.We immediately had a very deep and intense band. Immediately I could not stop thinking about him.

And I had never met him before, he was in another country, my English was ok but still sketchy, and I worried: he had never seen me in real…. What if my curvy body disappointed him?

My girlfriend noticed that I changed and gave me an ultimatum: stop talking to him or I leave you. And of course I had never met him before, he was “virtual”… and she was real, she shared my life already… So I told him that I would never talk to him again.

The summer went by, and I longed for him, listening to Blink 182 songs, and obsessively about him pondering while I was trying to lose weight in a clinic for fat people.

Then I went back home after a few weeks.And 9/11 happened, shocking to the whole world.

A few days later, a huge explosion happened in my city, Toulouse. [2 the roof collapsed on the spot where I had to work that morning.Coincidentally, this morning I decided to call ill: I had a bad feeling about that day…. So I stayed at home and exploded all around me when I was watching a movie based on a book by Stephen King in my pajamas. The terror I felt at that time was enormous, and I tried to run away, to flee the city, in total panic. But the roads were closed and I could not leave, and at the end of the day and from the horror I came home and I realized that I missed the death that day: it had been very close.

I was wondering:

Celine, what do you do with your life?What is most important to you in your life?

And the first thing I thought about was the Dutchman.So I sent him a message. A few months later we met in Amsterdam Centraal. After meeting him, we stayed together for 16 years and we had 2 children.

I have gone apart with him about 2 years ago, but we still have this special band.I still love him, but I don’t feel attracted to him at all in a romantic way. We know each other through and through, and we have had our good moments. I can say that he was my true love.


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[2 AZF disaster-Wikipedia

Oh well, the true love….A romantic illusion that has been cast from childhood by filmmakers, women’s petals and Roman writers through the throat. And there you are waiting for the true love to wake you up kisses, Sleeping Beauty, or Janroosje.

If you want true love you will have to do something for that.Every partner does have his or her unheity, and you too. The idea that a custom created other exists, specially tailored for you….

Find a loving person and make sure you have fun together.Damn happens, loose that together.

Oh no though.Really not.

Not because I am cynical or disappointed, but because I am very earthly.True Love Is magic. Magic does not exist. So true love does not exist either.

Of course, you can better click with some people than with others.And yes, relationships with people with whom you have a better connection are many times better. But it never gets magical.

Who still knows this warrior?

For Ted from How I Met Your Mother, Robin meant everything.

He had everything for her about (in the photo he just stole a blue french horn ut a restaurant for her), and after his relationship with her went out, devoured for years (season 3 鈧?”8) unhappy relationship after relationship. And that while he was evening after evening with Robin and his other friends was sucking in the bar downstairs.

DISCLAIMER: NOW THERE are Spoilers!!Do not read through if you do not want a spoiler of how it ends!

He loved Robin, he was in love with her until season 9, episode 17, where he releases her.

Ted seems to have finally unleashed her.

Shortly thereafter, he meets in the final Tracy, the titular mother (how I with Your mother refers to how Ted’s mother met his children, which was not Robin). And because he’s finally no longer in love with Robin, this relationship does come out more, it all goes well for Ted, and the hopeless Romantician still gets the fairytale ending he was looking for in Robin and all the other women, namely children and marriage.

But Dan… the deceased Tracy.And after six years, Ted decides to tell the whole story to his children, starting with how he did not meet Tracy, but Robin. Here the series started as well; The whole series is narrated by Ted, and in fact plays out on this night that Ted tells his children the story. Once the whole story comes to an end, Teds children realise that he is actually in love with Robin in view of his talk of Robin. The series ends with Ted, who, like in the first episode, is again with a blue French horn for Robins Raam.

All this insinuates that he has fallen for Robin again.

Of course, the chemistry remains between people. And history. Is This true love?Is this new love, or love that has always remained? Did Ted van Tracy? Was that true, or eternal love? To my mind, the series insinuates that Teds love for Robin was in any case a greater love than for Tracy.Ted gave everything for Robin, and it did not matter how much that destroyed love.

Tracy states in the series that everyone gets one true love, and she has already had him in her deceased friend, long before she met Ted.Incidentally, this is also in line with a popular interpretation of the end: Tracy dies, so she can be with her true in heaven, and Ted again is bachelor for the now divorced Robin.

The true love?I do not believe so. Living with the idea of a true love condemns some of the relationships they believe in half, which will never be as intense as they could have been with their alleged true, purely by the presence of that true. Teds outgoing all failed by Robin, and Tracy and Ted seemed to have a nice relationship of the few images you saw, but to tell Teds he was finally there, when he tells the story, not so full of and not as fulfilled as of his love De met Robin.

But the concept of true love does exist.Sometimes it just clicks, there is the chemistry between people. And those chemistry and those feelings can also be there after the relationship, and stop you from living further for a long time. But that does not exclude that it can ever go on, or that you can have as much chemistry as it can, and have an equal, equally large and equally strong love as with the one you thought was the true.And perhaps I have wrongly judged on the basis of too few images. Perhaps that love of Ted and Tracy was just as big. Even though they never expected that.

No.I do not believe that people are destined for each other. In the sense of it has to be matches though. But with a lot of people you could get a healthy relationship. I believe in wanting to be with the other. And both parties must work for that. What people often forget is that love is not guaranteed if you fall in love today does not mean that you also stay together when you forget to work for does not succeed. I believe in understanding between two parties. And I find that one of the strongest bonds that two people can keep together. Understanding each other’s weaknesses and not wanting to use it to comfort the other right. If I imagine see I do not gosh which may be very good in the SE * but rather that wow these two know about each other probably things that maybe nobody knows. And that makes them a team. Besides being faithful and respectful in a relationship so I believe in understanding.

Surely in unconditional love, is that precisely said unconditional love?When you feel at a corner because because of X events you would break the band but if someone really mastered your heart you will keep the ones. This kind of love I find does exist with the strongest tires I have is FAMILY!

I believe in true love.

There are plenty of examples, beautiful stories you may have ever heard about true love.You can keep it strong.

Sometimes it seems to take forever for you to finally find your true love.But there will be a reason behind that. But remember in your mind that every jar fits a lid

As an experiential expert I say full-heartedly 鈧?艙ja 鈧?

Because I have not yet managed to find a good definition of 鈧?艙love or formulate myself, but know a few criteria, I am sure that real love exists.

Simply put, if it were to exist, why haven’t I found it yet?

But love is tricky in practice.You have to find someone on whom you can trust completely blind. That is basically what true love is. And is it possible to find鈩?N person?

People are naturally good at trust but also honest.The need to become unfair is often driven by desires that one cannot obtain in a normal, legal way. For instance, there are those who desire a lot of sex and do not get enough sex from their partner. There you can be honest about it and make arrangements with your partner, but many choose to secretly enter into an affair and cheat their partner. And then it is no longer true love because your beloved is a Bedouin.

If you can find someone who trusts you blindly, you’re already halfway through.If that person has mutual feelings then you come much closer to true love. If you never do this, you actually have true love…

So it may exist, but it does not exist for everyone.I am always a bit suspicious and that makes blindly trust impossible. And for me there is no true love, and I accept it without any problems.

There is no good definition of what this 鈧?虄ware means then.

But if you love someone, and are good for that person, and if the bond between them is very good & C, then I think you can talk about 鈧?艙ware 鈧?Love: Your act corresponds to the feeling towards the person.

This love can have you for people, your partner, but also plants, animals, this planet,…

If you mean 鈧?艙there is on this planet 1 person you 鈧?虄ware match is 鈧? then it seems to me that an absurd thought.There are a lot of matches possible to form a pair that is very functional and where 鈧?艙ware 鈧?love is.
Since this frequency is higher than coincidence based on the 鈧?艙1 person 鈧?theorem, it will be sooner 1% or 10% of the possible partners who answered it.

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