Do you believe in the supernatural?

The net of the sky is great and its meshes are wide.Yet nothing escapes it. (Tao te Tsjing).

It is also stated that the visible power derives from the invisible, as a jug derives its usefulness from the empty space that one can fill.

We are surrounded by the universe, an immense and immeasurable mystery.All that is is born of darkness; The child from the mother’s womb, impressions that lead to great inventions, from the subconscious. The natural is perhaps even just the outward, superficial appearance of the supernatural.

Yes so.

Yes, I do.By definition, the supernatural cannot be proven. We live in the natural, it is indeed about believing.

I believe that because I know there is so much that I don’t know of, there must be many other incredible things.

How can I simply assume that my senses are sufficient to ascertain the whole reality?I think that adopting this is more problematic than assuming (believing) that it is not.

No, because I don’t need it.I understand very well that there are many people who need it. I am not discussing this. I secretly know that it’s all nonsense, but I give people their fine feelings.

However, when it comes to whether I would do a lifesaving treatment with a spiritual healer?Absolutely not.

My wife believes in it, that makes things like this difficult.You want to remain respectful but also faithful to yourself. If it does not harm it is not true if you have to travel far for it or take risks or when it costs a lot of money.

I used to be so naive.Surely it can’t be all frauds? Yes, you can hear that.

Believe one does in the church.Outside it is. I know if I do not know.

What one calls paranormal, magical or occult is where we have no evidence that it exists.That does not mean that it does not exist. The existence of outside sensory and precognitive observations is undeniable. Magic is everywhere: observe and listen to your emotional, and develop your spiritual, intelligence: it is wondedly.

This would be the pinnacle of all arrogance: so no.

No, no more.

I now believe that a conviction must be as strong as the accompanying evidence.See Evidentialism-Wikipedia (I don’t know how this is called in English)

I do understand, of course, that human psychology is usually not in one another and that everyone has a bias.See this depressing list of cognitive biases-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I do not know miracles that have been well researched and for which natural explanations are lacking.

There are also a lot of cash prizes for the proof of paranormal phenomena under controlled conditions.List of prizes for evidence of paranormal-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia No one has ever won it.

No.I believe that there is a rational explanation everywhere and that, if we do not understand something, that is a lack of understanding. When we do not understand something, there is no reason to assume that it cannot be understood.Even if there is never something or someone who can give a rational explanation, that is not to say that it is impossible.

What it also is what interacts with ‘ our ‘ nature, is therefore a part of our nature.If something does not interact with our nature, we have no basis to assume that it exists.

Do I believe in the supernatural?Why should I, since there is no semblance of evidence for its existence.

For the same reason, I do not believe in the existence of God, the tooth fairy or the efficacy of homeopathy or the usefulness of astrology.

A wise man dozes his faith to the extent that evidence is available.

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