Do you believe in karma?


Karma is magic: something or someone rewards or punishes people for behavior.

What is that something or someone?Magic.

I do not believe in magic.I would like to do it though, believing in magic. I read a lot of fantasy where magic usually plays a role in it, which I find very beautiful.

But in real magic does not exist.Everything is earthy.

In Our family we like to call “GOD PUNISHES IMMEDIATELY,” but nobody means that literally, and it is only said with a huge dose of suffering amusement and laughter.


Totally no reason to believe that our cosmos somehow rewards or punishes you for your actions.

It does not belong to the laws of nature, and there is no shred of evidence that it could be.

People themselves take care of things like the Matthew Effect: rewarding pro-social actions, and penalizing anti-social actions.It doesn’t work perfectly, but we humans are not perfect creatures.

Even though it would exist, what does it deliver you on?That you get so very occasionally, and an unpleasant person falls and can still stick to a rusty nail with his eye?

The SOP is not worth the cabbage.

No!But in Shoarma.

Christian Variant

Karma is still used as a container concept, so I don’t think I am guilty of religious colonialism when I present it in a Christian version.Then we talk about different types of Christian karma, which should not be confused, even though they may overlap.

Legal Karma

In Classical Christian theology also called the justification.The positive credit you receive through faith, through the good karma of Jesus that, as it were, is also placed on your account, which you place as righteous for God’s jurisprudence.

Causally Karma

Bad and good deeds have consequences, which are also not cleaned away by repentance and forgiveness.God doesn’t just clutter up the mess behind your butt. Choices and deeds have consequences, both in this and in future life. What you sow is what you harvest.

Delayed Karma

This is in fact causal karma, which is not immediately visible.The good deeds are sometimes not rewarded in this life, nor punish the evil. It will eventually be charged for both the righteous and the wrong-doers. Even if you are righteous before God, it still makes up for what you do here and let, in good or evil. As part of God’s family, you remain part of the family, but your deeds do have an effect on your position in the next life.

Mercy Karma

Like legal karma, this undeserved positive karma, good things you receive despite your own flaws and wrong choices.This means that a negative causal karma has consequences, but you can still have a positive meaning in your life. You get a second, third, fourth and fifth chance as it were. Although some doors are closed by your choices, others may open.

Sublimated Karma

A twin sister of Mercy Karma.In essence, this means that your suffering, adversity, and failures are used by God for positive things. As your problems allow you to share certain life wisdom, your character and so on.

Character Karma

Also known as sanctification.God is not only interested in what we do, but also and especially who we become. Character Karma is the inner cathations that we experience in life, to be more shaped and restored to our primary intrinsic core and uniqueness.

Karma Correction

It uses causally karma to shape our character karma.It is not punishment or retribution, more of a divine incentive to learn lessons from our mistakes.


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I absolutely believe in karma I just think that it is occasionally a bit on the slow side or it doesn’t show itself as well because of course the people frustrates where you get the faith factor again but I do believe in karma because I have seen it work. m AAR not only in the version as it is meant here and as most Western people have I mean also in the version of good karma so that people came across good things because it came to them

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