Do you believe in climate change and why?

to believe?

Perhaps one might think that our government works for the welfare of all, or that everyone is a blacksmith of their own good fortune.

But you can observe climate change yourself, you don’t have to trust any authority that might just look for a reason for a new indulgence trade.

The alpine glaciers are quite reliable measuring instruments for long-term temperature fluctuations:

This is the Rhone Glacier in the Swiss canton of Valais, the tongue is at about 2300 m above sea level. The picture is from June 2017.

Actually, the glacier should still be covered with snow, but this depends on the weather. What is important is the position of the tongue, and the rock along the glacier, which looks like scraped off.

The other end of the little soul and much more scraped rock.

The torrent is melting ice, the source of the Rhone, the most water-rich river in France. I remember that back in the seventies (at that time I was about 15) the glacier reached up to the rocky slope, and the whole scraped-off basin was filled with the lake of ice. The ice hung over a little bit, you could see it from the pass road.

The valley of the young Rhone.

Where the hairpin curves are visible there is a small village, Gletsch. The large house on the outskirts of the village is a hotel. Around 1880, the Rhone Glacier reached up to 100 m in front of the hotel! That was the peak after the Little Ice Age.

The glacier loses its length and, above all, thickness every year.The remaining 8 km of the Rhone Glacier is expected to have landed in the Mediterranean until 2100.

But why?

There is actually no natural reason why it should get warmer on Earth.The sun is more likely to be in an inactive state, it has few sunspots. High solar activity is associated with higher temperatures on Earth. The radiation power of our sun is easy to measure and there is nothing to indicate an extra power.

The orbit of the earth around the sun changes very slowly, such cycles sometimes allow more solar energy, sometimes less to get to the earth.According to this cycle, our climate should slowly get colder, not warmer.

The only thing that changes inexorably is the CO2 content of the atmosphere.It is increasing. Volcanoes also produce CO2, but there is no increase in volcanism. But for a few centuries, humanity has been playing volcanic eruption. The relationship between CO2 content and heat retention of the atmosphere has been well established for more than a hundred years, this is pure physics and has nothing to do with faith.

There is simply no other rational explanation for observable global warming than the increasing CO2 content of the atmosphere.The only plausible cause of this increase is the continuous release of CO2 by combustion processes.

If you are interested in the topic without being bothered with too much secular doomsday mood, you can visit the page “”.Dr. Jeff Masters writes regularly about climate change. The NOAA pages mentioned above are also very informative.

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