Do we still have to continue with the national remembrance of the dead on 4 May? Is It perhaps better to forget this dark period and close the book?

The simplest answer:

Those who forget their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

Death commemoration on May 4 goes naturally (if you have followed it) for a long time no more to World War II.It is all about killing, all over the world, as a result of war violence. The awareness that this happens, while we live relatively safely in the Netherlands, is important to understand what the fragile situation is around the world.

Since the Second World War, more people have been killed in total by war violence than in the whole war mentioned.This while we are still ‘ seemingly ‘ at political level trying to preserve peace between States… But what do we see? Money must roll and oil goes where it can.

Should we close the book?No, but we have to use our brains a little more intensively than we have done so far and become aware of the fact that people at the helm do not always have your best interests in mind. While we are in our soft bed, there are on the one hand actions of the Netherlands to provide development aid in countries that need it and, on the other hand, there is investment in parties that we know are not in the forefront of human lives. If we leave 4 may behind us and no longer dwell on the dead that fall while we are safe, then we will quickly find out that we are a. Not safe anymore and B. Actually only become hypocrites than when we have at least 1 day in the year , even if only 2 minutes, we are still aware of the fact that we are ‘ obliged ‘ to become conscious of this situation.

As a second generation Sjoa survivor, I don’t want to say much about this, just that there are still first generation war survivors among us.As long as these people are still among us, I think we should definitely continue with the national remembrance of the dead on 4 May!!!
Even in 25 years when the war generation is almost certainly no longer alive, I believe that this dark page in national history should still be considered in an appropriate manner.

I think it is good to stop at the victims of war again and again.Everyone gives their own interpretation. You may only think of your parents who have died a natural death or a school boyfriend who has died. Has nothing to do with the war. But sickness, an accident and also suicide is all quite violent.

The murder of the Jews is such a bad thing that you cannot ignore that.It also has interfaces with the present. How do we deal with each other? What do you do yourself for a better or worse world? Here you can also think about it. We all make mistakes as well. His victim and perpetrator. Also in the war most people have seen it happen and nothing done.

It is good to realise that war is terrible.

By the national mourning you share this realization with others.You can be aware that we are not alone with our feelings of impotence and sadness. That life is not just partying and lolstairs, but that we all have the same core.

One of the most beautiful texts I know is in the Dhamapadda: “All beings fear death.He who sees this does not kill and does not cause death. “

Do not forget, and cease to romantize the period in particular the version that all Dutch were resistance heroes.We were not very pertinent, namely.

I cannot find myself at all in the Anne Frank House, and the industry that was created around it.Claiming a morally higher position, as fine as puppet shit, but rather about the backs of so many people who were coincidentally regarded as a Jew in the municipal administration and member lists of sports associations.

I am also always a little bit impassable when I see a moving car coming over “for almost a hundred years of experience.”

No.Do not abolish, which commemorate remembrance. It is and remains a moment of great embarrassed.

Abolish Liberation Day. Seems like a better plan.

As far as I am concerned, we should never forget the dark period of the Second World War, and we must always remember that.The horrors of then should never be repeated again. It still happens too much in the world. And closer to home, people also sometimes seem to forget how the upsize went to the horrors. As long as xenophobia and the designation of certain groups continue to exist as culprits of all misery, it is certainly still necessary to continue to commemorate.

In doing so, I think it is good to let the implementation evolve with time.We commemorate not only the dead of the Second World War, but all the cases that have given their lives for the freedom of others. This also indicates that there is enough to be done in the world, and as long as this is the case, we must remain silent.

We must never forget it, because then you increase the likelihood of repetition.

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