Do we really know where the center of the universe is? Do we know where we are in the whole universe?

The capture of the center of the universe is a problem nowadays, however, because the huge size of the universe is unfortunately many times greater than the possible observable radius of space, in order to be able to make a scientifically correct statement two observation sites that are currently out of the scope.The why I describe here for the end.

In any case, however, the universe has a center, because the space is curved.And this space has four dimensions in concrete terms. But it’s not really conceivable for us humans. Because this is like standing in the center of the universe and on the horizon you look at the inside of a hollow sphere, but the horizon is not really quite far out, but the exterior of the tiny center, which expands as light also with the general expansion which has finally reached your point of view. The former center of the universe behaves like the North Pole, which forms a long line at the top of the map and is not necessarily comprehensible to inexperienced people.

Sure, few can imagine that, because most people don’t even understand what I said.I can only do this because I have more 40 years of practice in it and know (not suspect) that all that exists in the universe follows a circular function. Thus, the universe is necessarily a four-dimensional sphere and all we see is the spherical shape. Only the 4th dimension we do not understand as space, although that dimension as a magnetic field is literally begging to be perceived at last. therefore:
Why should the universe make an exception to being a sphere?

Why can’t you grasp the center of the universe?

In which direction you look, everything you see, that can only come from the direction of your horizon.The WHY is not so easy to understand for the unneeded. therefore:

The grains of light, whose direction does not point to your observation point, which rush past you.That is, you can’t see them, you can’t capture them. And if you don’t really know in which direction the center of the universe is, then the distance to the second location is perhaps a huge problem.Because you need another observation point that should be much further outside in order to be able to make a scientifically correct statement where the center of the universe lies. And since we don’t know where the center is, we can’t say where to find it.

As you can see here, the center is right inside and is moving ever larger to the equator on the outside.

What you see on the horizon is the center of that time. But real is not the place where the center was, but where the light from the bang is now, because the place is further where it popped back then and you can only reliably find that if you select at least two measuring points.

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