Do we have a cold heart for the Dutch?

My heart is normal between 36 and 37 degrees.If I have a fever some degrees warmer.

Some Dutch people can be particularly cruel, hard and indifferent.This is not a Dutch character trait, but it has to do with the people personally.

In contact, some can keep away, you can’t just visit someone, we don’t borrow money, we like to explain the mistake to others, we’d rather look away than help, but that’s why we don’t have a cold heart yet.We can also be warm and friendly, but it stays in the family, because no one needs to know.

Not exactly colder than any other heart, but much more restrained and less pronounced than for example a South European, or South American heart.In my opinion, this confusion has to do with the prevailing religions and cultures. Carnaval BV in Brazil, USA the Calvinistic or at least Protestant Inprint in the northern European countries. The Netherlands is generous in contributing to improvements of inhumane states, whether they are caused by politics or by natural influences.

But at the same time, many criminals abuse that “warm heart” feeling, by being straight to scamming with TV ads, with pathetic kids, horses, doggies, apples, noses, tigertjes, bears, mammas, illnesses, and other “charities” too Abuse and respond to the “heart” feeling.That there are so many of these scamties proves that it apparently works. The warm heart of the Dutchman Beats

I believe that everyone has something good in Zn Hart, and in principle unaware of Zn’s task-to prepare the world as well as possible for the future for the children and grandchildren.

Only, the mankind’s greatest enemy (call it a programming, or an evolution mistake) is our own ego.It is the most in the way, surrender of self-preservation and caring for its own tribe, vs. Altruisme. When ego gets out of hand, it comes to want to have the upper bubbling, and with power it is equal on the side of the ruler. In itself, ego in the past was quite useful for surviving the strongest. But it often has the force majeure, and then it becomes a destructive weapon.

Nowadays we see this very strongly in the presidential approach of running a country: USA.I have no doubt that Trump also has a heart, and sometimes does good things. But ego stands in the way of America’s ability to be a positively shining example and a safe haven for the whole world. Instead of America First the America becomes F & * ked 鈧?娄. and that by a single ego who wants to drive down the cost of Zn meaning, backed by a few American warlords. That costs some war want because it is so good for the American economy. That there are thousands of people who have to be killed, or the rest of their lives are unhappy and poor, they apparently do not interest.

Like all healthy people where on the world our heart has a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius.

This is a proposition that can only be answered by comparison with other countries.Keep in heed that any generalization over national character is unreliable. Dutchmen have the reputation of being “drive a hard bargain.” The typical image of a Dutchman is a businessman. That’s right with hardness of heart. Other images are: very stingy, drinkers of spirits instead of beer, firmly smokers of hash as well as tabac. These images are of course exaggerated. However, there is a big difference in nature between the Netherlands and Belgium. Some people would argue that the Netherlands resembles Scotland and Belgium on England. To some extent there is a similarity, perhaps because of religious background: Scotland and the Netherlands Calvinistisch, Belgium and England do not. Personally, I would agree with none of these generalizations. I find most Dutchmen I know very nice people, and now with the approach of Brexit, if I was younger I would seriously consider moving to the Netherlands.

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