Do the Dutch support the independence of West Papua (Dutch-new Guinea)?

I think most Dutch people, if they understand the history of this conflict, will support this.The Netherlands had promised a federation and never put any energy into it.

This aid will probably remain passive.The Dutch have already struggled to protest for themselves, let alone people on the other side of the world.


Many Dutch people do not even know where West Papua is located, and know the history of this Indonesian province in relation to the independence endeavor not or hardly to be able to give a good answer. The Dutch government has signed the New York Agreement on the transfer and will not return to it.It is not important enough to jeopardize the relationship with Indonesia.


Most who express themselves before an independence from West Papua are usually before a West Papua within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.“As it used to be.. But then maybe a bit like the Antilles. “

(Dutch people who are still unable to cram that West Papua is no longer of ‘ us ‘)

The sunniest province of the east.

Blessed with immeasurable mineral resources, with which the social planners in The Hague could do wonderful things, cuts in care, culture, education, science could all be reversed (since the previous region of Groningen no longer yields us so much, because of nagging Groningers who were unable to build decent houses, or something like that). Left again satisfied. We would be able to send long-term unemployed people, work avoidents, assistance, bank-hanging hand-holders and other lables to Papua, where they could have mercy on agricultural exploitation in pauper colonies. Right also satisfied.

And these illiterate Papoeaantjes will help us with some schools, and here and there a paved road.We will help ourselves to estimate their soil. Know who wanted a lot.

Note: Perhaps for the sake of completeness, but much of this answer is meant To be sarcastic.

That is not up to us to determine, it seems to me, but I would like to see that the Papuans were finally allowed to exercise their promised Act of Self-Determination.

What was the name of the weather?Musewara or so. My Indonesian is non-existent. Anyway, a number of chieftains were trapped in a hut with Indonesians and they were only allowed to come home if they also agreed that they were Indonesians. And the UN simply agreed with that peasant deception.

Indonesia is the Papuans guilty of a referendum.And no the trans migrants should have no voting rights.

I’m for that.This part of Indonesia has nothing to do with the rest and is systematically suppressed by the Austronesian Java-centric government.

Papuans are black and often Christian, where Javanese and most other Indonesians are Austronesian Muslims.The Indonesian government is trying to make nation building a business. This means that one culture is imposed on the whole (multicultural) country. An example is the concentration camps in which the Oeigoeren are imprisoned by the Chinese government. The Indonesian imposed culture comes from Java. Let me be clear: this is not about integrating. The Papuans are the indigenous people of new Guinea, and purely because the West belongs to Indonesia does not mean that other Indonesians (from Java) may impose their culture on the local population. So yes, I’m for secession from West Papua, and then possibly joining Papua New Guinea, the Eastern, independent British part of the island.

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