Do spirits exist?

In The spirit, spirits are fixed and certain.

Yes: in the fantasy of Man.
In reality?No, obviously not.

A man is a spirit in a physical body, there are spirits without a body because the body has died and there are also spirits that make astral travel when the body is somewhere quiet or lying.

Man is a compound being. In our core, we are a divine spark and a spiritual being that has fallen into the physicality and therefore had to be dressed with various bodies that function as opaque veils.

In Our core we are a presence of unconditional love, a flow of truth, a blinding light.We are pure truth, wisdom and bliss, our core is the guide on the path of return. Through the separation of the source, man is a hurt, immightily, unmighty, unconscious and ignorant being. This injury expresses itself as a lack of self-esteem, own love, self-confidence and a guilt feeling

The Prodigal Son/daughter

The prodigal son wakes up in a distant and unknown country.Without remembering his origins, he identifies himself with his three-part costume: The animal, the feelings and the mind. He feels separated from all other people. He seeks selfish pleasure, power, self-interest to the detriment of the other lost sons. He lies, steals and commits violence to fulfill his selfish desires and interests. The fellow man is abused, exploited, suppressed, murdered by self-interest of the strongest. Mother Earth is robbed, destroyed, bald-cut, water and air are poisoned to satisfy the selfish needs of the people.

Each for himself and the mighty win.So we live on a cruel and dark planet where the majority of the population live in terrible conditions of hunger, exploitation, oppression and slavery.

We live in fear, pain and impotent anger.But the prodigal son Bears in himself a seed that yearns to grow to full fruition. He carries in himself an essence that desires to be accomplished and therefore there is something that gnaws, a homesickness that pushes him to seek further.

The outer world is the stage where the drama of the Prodigal Son and his return takes place.


The path of man is the path of awareness of his inner reality, the path of extending consciousness to more self-awareness .

The physical school is a psychodrama theatre where we attract and encounter teachers who become catalysts for our important life lessons, become conscious and purify the suppressed, denied and unconscious feelings and thus heal our wounds And thus gain more self-esteem, own love and confidence.Taking responsibility for our inner reality, weaknesses, weakness, fears, needs, shortcomings. Also find and find our talents, forces and allies and leave the position of the victim. We certainly need allies and courage and strength to heal the painful pain of the past.

It is the path of honesty, authenticity, our feelings admit, becoming aware of the inner life.Because of dissatisfaction, pain, search for happiness, there is always a desire that pushes us to seek further and deeper.
\xa0The return
The return is the way through the nature of the three-part costume that dresses the individualized spiritual droplet.The physicality is a playground, a classroom, a field of work where the nature of the three-part costume is refined in the fire of the experience so that the spiritual light and spiritual love can shine through. The inner spiritual being identifies with his veils. It identifies itself with its feelings that are like a fickle ocean, turbulent and calm, sadness and joy, pain and pleasure and all other emotions. Through experiences, tribulations, the fragility, countless times are hurled by the emotional pairs of opposition and thus we create a center, a centre with certain strength. This center, a strong self-awareness becomes the steering wheel of the emotion boat on a choppy sea.

By raising awareness of our feelings, giving them, accepting them, expressing them and letting them loose, we are basking the veils.Our hearts open up to the unconditional love and our thinking is filled with the light of the spirit.
Attention to the inner
By making silence around himself, watching silence in the feelings and in the thoughts and deeper into himself, feeling and listening in the invisible and immaterial, to give attention to the deepest core, one can let the inner spiritual bloom open.

The lost daughter comes back home with self-consciousness.She has become the beloved daughter. The inner spiritual observer comes to understand that we are one .We are cells in a heavenly being. We become more selfless and walk the path in loving kindness, compassion, compassion and equanimity. The beloved daughter tries to perform divine deeds and express the Divine essence.

I do not believe in God or gods, nor in spirits, but I have heard them.Sounds crazy but I lived in a warehouse, built in 1599 and on the ground floor we had a catering company, a high stood empty and lived at 2 and 3 high. After closing time, clean and refill everything. Suddenly I heard on one tall heavy men footsteps and thought of a burglar. Rushed up, door open, light on and dead silent. Back down and after half an hour it started again. I also heard a child running from front to back and on 3/4 stands a wall of the bedroom but this “child” ran through there.

There must be an explanation for it and it was not old beams that creaked but real footsteps and running.Sometimes sliding heavy pockets on the front. Also once flew a bottle of beer through the air, which grabbed my husband just in time, before falling on the floor. It did not fall but flew diagonally upwards. He said that sometimes the ashtrays flew through space and when I asked why he never told him, he said if I would believe him or think he was drunk.

The cats that came down after closing time were also sometimes listened to and watched the Plafon.Sometimes inexplicable occurrences happen and how can a mind make heavy footsteps? And it was not mice.

Spirits do exist, but only between your ears.

No, no chance.

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