Do narcissists dispose of their children?

Do narcissists dispose of their children?

Like a cat that gave birth to a fox, without any further thought.

It all starts when the child has grown to an age where his emotional maturity follows the narcissistic parent: usually about 10 years old.

What a narcissistic parent (for this example I use a mother of the concealed phenotype) can and will not tolerate if her child grows beyond the absolute need for her.The first sign of independent detachment becomes the rejection of motherhood, and she deeply dislikes it. She will work hard to recover so much of this youthful need and dependency by lifting and sabotaging the freedom of independence to ensure that the child never finds the confidence to learn life himself, while it is taught and promoted by emotionally secure parents.

When the child turns 14, the narcissistic parent actually stops being a parent.It ends in favor of targeted narcissistic abuse to stop the development of this child. If their other siblings get stuck on the umbilical cord through their own learned dependence on each other, every child who chooses their own path is seen as a runt.

A narcissistic parent will no longer provide the same support to this child and will reject or even hate that child.He/she will become the object of deep envy and the narcissistic parent will in some way work to make this child suffer.

The devotion to destroying this child is pathological, and people should never underestimate the depths that an annoying narcissistic parent will brutally ruin by all possible means.It will be ruthless and always out of the eyes of other family members.

A talented and successful teenage young man becomes an emotional wreck, clouded and intoxicated by trauma and terrible questions of intimacy and trust, without knowing and understanding the source of this inner torment.

It is all to steal this child’s life and force him back on the tracks and abuse it to obedience.Each time they show talents, gifts, abilities and intelligence that outshine the rest of the family, the narcissist ensures that the light is dimmed and removed, with the aim of permanently removing it and seeking and feeling great pleasure. Satisfaction with this.

But the moment when the child bites back and suffers the wrath of his revenge, comes together in recent years with great defense mechanisms that this narcissistic parent can no longer overwhelm.

Beating, slander, smear campaigns, gas lighting, cronyism, sabotage, expectation, intrusion, victimization, manipulation, pathological lies, etc.lead to nothing. When this narcissistic parent realizes that he can no longer work on this child, she does what she has always done. She plays the self-pity card, the victim card, the silent treatment, the threat method, the guilt-riddes and even tries to hit her. The smear campaigns escalate and the projection goes into the 6th gear.

But in the end, they can only use so much until they run out of ideas.Most people separate contact or learn so much about narcissism that they know each piece in the book and understand how to lead the narcissist to its abyss and watch them go over it in their blind rage and hatred.

The essence of all this is to make sure that there is no angry reaction that can be exploited and used against you.Allow people to believe whatever the narcissist sprays and lies. Forget what they are doing, and know that all the narcissist does is a repetition of what has gone before, and because the same reactions are just a cycle in their minds, very soon the manipulations of people to believe that the devastating Smears and attacks this will do lying on the ground and soon enough, they will throw away their own child or they will find that they have lost and have worked to reconcile, which can take years, but finally, if they are remorseful they are waiting for the moment when they are waiting you no longer have to wear their wrong mask and present their wrong personality.

No matter what happens, the narcissist is a pathological liar and they don’t understand that you’re a separate person.They have brought you into the world so that they can own and do and tell you and do everything possible to control your existence. However, the reason for this habitual influence on your whole being is that once you have passed your emotional age, you have become their surrogate parent, and this is what they expect of you until they leave this earth and nothing other, no relationship, career or career friendships make a difference; You are expected to hold the ropes for them and never let them go!

Do it, and you will feel ashamed and guilty if you neglect your parents.

If it’s hell and ruining your mental health, relationships, family and all your happiness while bringing constant discord and anger to your doorstep, sell yourself and pull away, and don’t tell the narcissistic family, where you go!

Everyone deserves peace and happiness.It doesn’t matter who they are. If they are working to ruin your life because they don’t have the maturity and the means to live their own, do what you would do if the neighborhood were dangerous. You sell up and move into a new home in a new city where it is safe and well for your whole family!

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