Do I have to believe everything that is in the Bible?

I would even dare to say that you should not believe anything of what is in the Bible.The book is a compilation of mythology-the expression of the way people looked at against large cosmic and natural appearances (the flood e.g.) -Legislation (Richteren), coloured history (the conquest of Canaan) and poetry (Song of Solomon). The 4 gospels have been declared official canon only hundreds of years after the alleged death of Christ. All this became a sacred book, because 99% of people could not read or write, and the 1% others saw a dreamed mddel to keep the rest under the Canute.

Believing, as you use in this question, means in my ears: for “where” to assume.I would not do that with books like the Bible, the Koran, the Bagavad Gita or other often called “sacred books”. They are a product of time-bound, pious intentions. The earth was not only “fierce and empty” to begin the creation story, but also still flat. To this day we are still living there. For example, We say “The sun comes on and the sun goes down”, but in fact the Earth revolves around. There is no rising sun.

“Believing”, as I prefer to use that word, is a mindset.Something or someone is so interesting that you have a lot to do to set up your life, invest in it. Believing is a verb, just like cycling.
If you don’t use your bike, you’re not a cyclist.
The power of belief is that science has arisen.Believing is going to know beforehand.
Research everything and keep it good, but you don’t necessarily need the Bible or any other book.

The Bible is not a newspaper from thousands of years ago.So the facts you shouldn’t believe.That was also never the intention of the writers of the stories.

As you know, all the peoples of the Middle East describe everything very much and meaningful.Ask a question and you get a story as an answer, not a direct answer. From that story you can get your meaning.So you can take many sides out of it. You are doing it for centuries, with such a story.

So the enormous value of the stories lies in the meaning of the stories, what they have to say.Not in historical factsor not.This has never been the case, only when we were given Letter-knights who wanted to assume every fact, everything went wrong. And the book’s credibility fell to a low point in the good-thinking people. There were even wars to be fought, you have to check….

For figurine.If Jesus runs into a story about water, then that might mean that if you believe in it completely and trust yourself, then you really can .Even about watercourses…
If you think he literally walked over water then you know that’s not going and then no sensible man believes you more.The meaning itself is much more valuable than the literal text. The meaning of this is what you really do.Literally I have nothing to do with it.I can’t. So why should I read that?
And so you can still go on, the money really for all the stories so.

I would also I you it was all taking me a ship’s load of salt.

The Bible is a fairy tale book so don’t take it literally there are things in it that have happened and wise lessons that you can use as a life guideline are selective because there are also untold many untruths and outright cruel things.

I doubt that the original text of the Bible is written in Dutch.Translation always involves some nuances and the like. Not for nothing do some Islam scholars insist that the Koran should be read and understood in the Oudarabic.

There are Christians who think you should believe the Bible from cover to chaff.Of course this is an exaggeration, because some things will see them as obsolete and not applicable, while defending other elements with hand and tooth, if not other Christians put them at the stake-although the latter also had more to do with Politics than an ecclesiastical quarrel.

Many Christians see the Bible rather as a love letter.Imagine that you were ten years together with someone who moved abroad and sent you a love letter after four years. He or she declares you love again and looks back at the time together. You notice that the sender is intertwined with some facts or forgotten details. Then Is the love letter and love then immediately deceit?

So the Bible is written by many different writers and in Christian theology God’s hand is seen in it, also in the composition of the books that form the Bible together.But Christians also disagree. But the Bible is not meant to be perfectly accurate, but to pass on the love and trustworthiness of God.

In essence, God wants to tell me that he is trustworthy, which he communicates by writers who sometimes dropped a stitch.This also means that we have many different translations that sometimes show things differently and therefore sometimes understand the explanations of God’s intentions. So it’s about believing the core messages and love of God, the rest is extra.

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‘, ‘ Everyone is entitled to believe in something or someone, so also in the Bible, but you can always interpret the texts in various ways.I personally believe only in myself and try to question and investigate as much as possible everything and everyone. The ‘ truth ‘ simply does not exist, I do believe that every faith originally comes to the same, namely love. It is a miserably case that belief is generally abused to keep a population group suppressed. Everything revolves around power and money and I don’t see that change soon. War has always existed and that will remain so.

“,” Ee is not a single law that obliges you to believe all that is in the Bible.

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