Do I have a smaller chance of success in life if I don’t have a high IQ?

Okay, I’m going to explain step by step what intelligence is exactly. Because IQ tests ensure that we do not see our potency anymore.So listen well readers!

The first intelligence tests started at a cousin of Charles Darwin.His name was Francis Galton.

Between 1860 and 1890 he came up with the idea that certain characteristics were transferable.

He also believed that mental abilities were transferable. And here was nothing to change according to him. His ideas about intelligence were popular. He had his own laboratory with rows of people who know his result forests. It looked at how people moved physically and, for example, how hard they squeezed. According to him, this should indicate how efficient the brain was.

After years of person of person who have tested the test.Around 1914 a test Was needed for educators and doctors. I also thought for the army since the First World War was around the corner.. Hereby the test of Alfred Binet for used. His tests also looked at the mental abilities, but by asking people questions. However, there were a lot of errors with this test. Like, How can people be very bad in many subjects but could calculate super complicated arithmetic sums?

Alfred Binet did not just approve.Goddard, a participant of a commission brought the ideas of Binet on. He made sure that his tests were used to classify people. A Trojan horse actually.

Despite that there was a lot of error in the test there was no better model at that time.So did not know better how to classify people differently. They kept themselves to the model. What was also wrong was that they didn’t even know what intelligence was all about. They just came up with a model.

In any case.The idea behind the IQ model is that it predicts your chance of success. High grades for your courses are important for your study. IQ is just no way to predict how you perform at those boxes. Emotional Intelligence is otherwise much more important.For example, if you have exam anxiety you are going to make mistakes.

  • When you can regulate yourself emotionally you are going to perform better.
  • If you don’t let yourself be hindered by thoughts and emotions you are focused.
  • With hope you are more Gemotiveerdt.

What is also more important is our unconsciousness and broad thinking.

You will find that the best answers come from moments when you are daydreaming. Einstein was otherwise behind his formula E = MC2 in his dream.

Also Salvador Dal铆 came through a dream with the idea of making a painting with melting bells.

Thomas Edison invented hundreds of inventions. I also heard that he was using power naps.He would often fall asleep in his chair with a ball in his hand. If he dropped the ball on the floor he woke up. With often a brilliant idea.

Ultimately, everyone is smart in its own way.

You also with the subjects you have sense or feel for.In it you are successful, and that is your gift that you can help others with.

That is what success means for you?Some see a lot of money as success and others are happy etc. And we don’t only need people in this world who have high IQ, we also need people with high EQ… Our society is intelligence-oriented, good education and things like that. But there are more things that make a man smart in their own way. If you find personal intelligence, where you are smarter than the rest, then you have success in my opinion.

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