Did you saw yourself 5 years ago where you are now?

Five years ago I was 59 and I tried to find a permanent post again.Now I am satisfied with the jobs that I am still doing and I am happy with every day that there is still work coming out of my fingers. Today 2x 2 hours worked hard. I can’t do more. Now so here break and Quora. I Had never heard of it five years ago. And all that nonsense of Facebook (account lifted), Twitter (remember every time how that works, never see anything interesting coming along) and Instagram (is that also with pictures?) are not devoted to me. Wikipedia is great again. I also contributed to it.

Now Quora is my most time-consuming hobby.A great platform for living room types like me. And I also think it’s a great earning model. Hats off, though.

Certainly not.

5 years ago I was still in Brazil and I was working on my Bachelor’s and full-time work.I had just had my first promotion so I had no plans to relocate from Brazil.

But later in that year I met my friend online.We worked for the same company and from there we started talking to each other. I used to know nothing about Belgium. I also didn’t know that Dutch was one of 3 the languages spoken in Belg1卯e.

After 2 years of a distance relationship I finished my studies and thought that was a good time to move.It was not an easy choice. I had a really good job and I was very attached to my family. I tried to learn a little Dutch in Brazil but it was almost impossible to find Dutch lessons because there was little interest from the people to learn that language.

Now I have been in Belgium for 2 years.I almost finished a Masters (still going to thesis) and I can speak and write some Dutch. I have now also and better job than I had in Brazil so that was a good surprise from last year. I miss my country but I am happy along with my friend.

Five years ago I didn’t even dare to dream about what I’m doing now.Then I was physically ill, a difficult time with a lot of investigations and uncertainty. In addition, I was stuck in a job that didn’t fit me, especially since I could mean less and more to others.

Last year I started as an independent entrepreneur and that is the best and most beautiful step I have put into my career.Every day I work with great pleasure as a text writer and content creator. A better decision I hadn’t been able to take! Hopefully I’ll do this work over five years still.

Oh Yeah, after a certain age, 5 years in the future will always look a shorter prediction.I am now 47 and as a 42 year old I was already pretty gesetcounts in my profession and family. There the prediction was simple: a job for life and in a relationship of 20 years at that time. What I hadn’t been able to predict are my interests and social life. At that time I was already drawing a lot of hobby, but I could not suspect that I was suddenly also interested in a stupid validation in Chinese calligraphy so around me 45-Ste, and Indonesian language and culture so around my 46-Ste. You meet people by chance, and these are actually the things that can give life a different twist. As I look back on my entire life the most important things are actually determined by coincidence and not deliberately planned in advance.

No, absolutely not.I have had a very difficult life and are still making difficult things with it, but it has been vastly improved.

It was such a bad thing that I didn’t really know how to get right.

But I still live.Giving up was therefore not an option (although I would have liked it more than once).

A few years ago I suffered from Lyme disease and then my life was completely overtaken (it has affected both my body and my brain).

With my body it goes better, with my brain I still have problems; However, I have made a lot of progress as opposed to how it is to be achieved.

Actually, my life was not exactly the same, but I made the best of it.

I do have ideas on how to proceed, but whether I will be able to realise it remains to be seen.

At the moment I am still busy recovering my health, and I have made a lot of progress in the meantime, but it will take a while before I will be completely recovered.

My memory is no longer what it once was and my mental abilities too, so I have to make a lot of adjustments in my life.

How to proceed I will only know later.If it is so far, then let me know something;).


Five years ago my vision was that I would be lying on a beautiful white beach under the coconut palms in five years ‘ time.That’s it today as well. Meanwhile I contribute, solve difficult disturbances, think along with technical designs and processes.. But I also support my children, and help them make mistakes. I want to contribute to society and challenge for thought. Those coconut palms.. Over five years folks!

5 years ago.I had always said that I would become a young mother and lead a life of his own. Because I then made a second attempt for a piece of paper on the HBO, that dream had to move up. Financially it was not in the interim, but I saved myself. Struggling with chronic fatigue, I had a job in the hospitality industry on call basis and lived alternately with my mother/father/in-law parents. I was homeless, parents just divorced for 2 years and I had physically loosened myself from the mental problems of my parents. It was me against the world, struggling until someone would see and hear me.

Now we are 5 years further.Daughter will be 4 in September, I have a generous apartment through the house building in a village, the study I picked up again and now with great chance of succeeding. The chronic fatigue and mental problems are tackled. I got to know myself again, not the one that the world wanted me to be, but who I really am. Also emotionally I have been able to loosen myself from my parents and their projections on me. I can stand up for myself and no longer participate in the toxic people who all had an influence on my education.

That dream of the teenage years has largely come true.Other than I had hoped, with a lot of bumps, but better than I ever expected.

No because I am still not out of the pit and have not yet tried anything

5 years ago I did exactly the same every day as now. Same work, same routine.5 years is an extremely short period.

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