The couple met in 1963 at a film premiere in Minneapolis. Anderson has two children: a daughter, Deidre Hoffman (sired by Hasselberg), who was a school administrator in California; and a son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds (born August 31, 1988), whom she and Reynolds adopted.

How long were Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson together?

It was a marriage , which began in April 1988 and ended when he served her with the divorce papers five years later – then it took the then-disgruntled couple 22 years to fully sever financial ties.

Similar to how old is Loni Anderson? now? 74\ years (August 5, 1945)

Then who did Loni Anderson marry?

Bob Flick m. 2008 Burt Reynolds m. 1988-1993 Ross Bickell m. 1974-1981 Bruce Hasselberg m. 1964-1966

Does Burt Reynolds have a son?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds

Loni Anderson alive?


Where does Loni Anderson live?

WKRP in Cincinnati star Loni Anderson has listed her Sherman Oaks home for $2.435 million.

Did Burt Reynolds play football?

Before Burt Reynolds became a Hollywood icon, he was a college football player at Florida State University. He played two seasons as a halfback before a knee injury ended his football career.

How old is Quinton Reynolds?

31\\ years (August 31, 1988)

How old was Burt Reynolds when he was on Gunsmoke?

Legendary actor Burt Reynolds died Thursday at the age of 82 after a long Hollywood career that began in 1958 with legendary TV western Gunsmoke. Joining the cast in 1962, he played a half-breed blacksmith named Quint Asper, who appeared in nearly 50 episodes between 1962 and 1965.

What is Loni Anderson’s ethnicity?


How tall is Loni Anderson?


Who is Burt Reynolds current wife?

Loni Anderson m. 1988– 1993

Judy Carne m. 1963-1965

How tall was Burt Reynolds?


Does Loni Anderson have children?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds son

Deidra Hoffman daughter

When did Burt Reynolds die?

6. September 2018

Who is Loni Anderson’s daughter?

Deidra Hoffman

How did Burt Reynolds die?

Heart attack

Is Sally Fields dating Burt Reynolds?

Personal life. In the late 1970s, Field had a relationship with Burt Reynolds, during which time they starred in several films with, including Smokey and the Bandit, Smokey and the Bandit II, The End and Hooper.

What is Burt Reynolds son doing?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds

There there really a WKRP in Cincinnati?

No, there never was a radio station called WKRP in Cincinnati. There is WKRC-AM and WKRQ-FM and a technically licensed low-power television station WBQC-TV (channel 25) which bills itself as “WKRP TV”. Since it was discontinued in 1982, WKRP reruns have aired on WXIX-TV, WKRC-TV, Nickelodeon, Antenna TV and WGN.

How old is Loni Anderson‘s husband?

In the year 1964 At the age of 18, Anderson married fellow Minnesota native Bruce Hasselbeck. Shortly after their wedding, Anderson and Hasselbeck welcomed daughter Deidra. The romance was short-lived, however, and Anderson and Hasselbeck divorced in 1966.