Did a teacher at school ever taught you something that didn’t beat at all?

In the field of history, in particular colonization, I was told in secondary education quite a ‘ cleaned ‘ version of the former colonization of Belgium in ‘ Congo ‘.

As a then, not really critical youngster of 16 years, you assumed this: that Belgium ‘ helped ‘ those poor black people and Belgians even went to ‘ help ‘ settle in Congo.It almost seemed like an altruistic story: missionaries and colonizers who are going to ‘ help ‘ the poor population there.

Now, about 30 years later, I know a lot more about the actual facts: the Belgian Royal House (Leopold II) and private Belgian companies had significant financial interests in the exploitation of raw materials in colonization (call it actually invasion) of ‘ Congo ‘.

The indigenous people who did not intend to let themselves colonize and become slaves to the West were, among others, cut off hands, corporal punishment, in short… Actually it became forced workers.

And the Catholic Church, of course, wanted to gain some soul:
The original African faith culture was replaced by Christianity, in which people had to believe especially when they were in this life that heaven was ahead.

Of course no single word on this from my teacher at the same:
It was proposed that the ‘ developed ‘ Belgians helped those poor ‘ underdeveloped ‘ Africans, while the financial-material advantage for the Belgians was very significant.

Despite an even recent UN recommendation that Belgium should officially offer its disregard, there is still no mention here.

Not me, but the rest of the class though.

The Teacher of Mathematics (Vmbo) fell in for the teacher’s sales practice, and asked the class what the term was for (in theory) the maximum distance at which a shop still exerted attraction for its environment (customer).I replied: “Action radius”. The teacher shot in the laugh, and said that he only knew THAT term from the maximum distance a car could drive with a full tank. I did not tell him that I was so bored in the classroom, that at the same time I graduated with my Vmbo-lesson from sales (through distance learning), and that he was sitting next to it. And sits, by the way.

As far as I do not know with myself, but during an explanation about our solar system where my son (at the time) was at.This was in the US.

The lady told us that we have summer and winter because the earth changes every 6 months (self) of angle.

When I told that this angle is always (practically) constant (23 掳) WRT our orbit around the sun and that this fixed angle in the winter causes the sun to be lower on the horizon and in the summer it did not understand higher.She continued to maintain that the Earth itself changed angle.

It also did not help when I tried to visualize it with her in the middle as the sun.She was firmly convinced and told each group.


In the 1st Secondary School (Belgium), geography.The teacher explains GPS.

He tells a different story against each class, all wrong, and when my father, who is in this field, comes to correct him, he holds.Yet he found me not a bad pupil.

Against our class, he said:

Your mobile phone sends a signal, the satellite reflects it and the GSM measures how long it takes for the signal to return.With three satellites the GSM has two possible points (intersection points of three spheres), of which 1 in the space, so the other, on the Earth, is correct.

Against another class he said:

The mobile phone sends that he wants to know where he is. 1 satellite calculates the width (N/S), another the length (W/E), a third the height.And then there is another fourth if 1 of the previous three would be broken.

Against another class, he said:

We are behind, we do not have time for this.

Both attempts cannot be correct, because the GSM is not at all powerful enough to send something into the room.The GPS satellite would be overloaded, because it has to handle every mobile phone separately.

What is happening:

Each satellite keeps track of time with atomic clocks and relativity.This time is constantly transmitted exactly to the nanosecond, with the identification number of the satellite. The exact locations of all satellites are also broadcast every 11 minutes. This is also downloadable online (A-GPS). The GSM can calculate the exact way the satellite was located at the time it was broadcast. With the differences in time between the messages of four satellites, which are received at the same time, the exact time can be calculated at this time. Then you can calculate the distance to the satellites, and also the location of the mobile phone. If more satellites are available, they can be used to determine the time more accurately and to correct other possible measurement errors.

When I was 10 years old, my teacher tried to make me believe that PI equals 22/7.No, not approximate, but exact.


My son had a kind of social doctrine at his primary school in Luxembourg.The teacher for this profession was really below every level (and take into account that teachers in Luxembourg earn 2 to 3 times as much as in the Netherlands):

  • She regularly went out of class for a long time.

The pupils had to entertain themselves and work for themselves. Obviously that meant in practice: chain.

  • Because this lady was so little actually in front of the class, not only was the student, but her lessons were also a Walhalla for bullies.
  • If she then came back and her class was anarchy then a few random pupils were given punishment; Ironically never the bullies. In her lesson, my son was beaten by another child with a wooden ruler, which for me was a reason to threaten the inspection and the police.

  • But to answer the question: she taught the children that Luxembourg was the best country in the world and a safe haven, while in the rest of the world floods, storms, war and terrorism prevailed:
    • France was full of terrorists
    • The Netherlands was about to flood
    • In Syria was a civil war.
  • This, incidentally, she said directly to children who came from relevant countries.
  • ‘, ‘ Every child who goes to elementary school is taught to read and spell things that are not correct.It teaches that one a is an ‘ ah ‘ (as in ‘ bah ‘) and that two AA’s should be pronounced ‘ a ‘ (as in ‘ yes ‘). That is true in words like man and moon, but as soon as the words become longer it is no longer correct.
    As long as you think one a should be pronounced as ‘ ah ‘, you will write Beutician and when reading the word sheep think that there is ‘ shelves ‘.
    Children who have difficulty automating have worked hard from September to January/February to learn the ‘ ah ‘ and the ‘ a ‘ and then the legs are sawn under their seats and they have to learn what they have learned again because it is not right.Shame!
    Consequence: Many children who have much longer than necessary difficulty with the open and closed syllable rule that often is called the ‘ Hunter and Baker ‘ rule in school or ‘ letter thief and double-setter ‘, a lot of education time must be invested in the Straight knit of what Krom is offered.Time that is not available to do other useful things. Many children have been so confused that they are diagnosed with ‘ dyslexia ‘ and must be ‘ treated ‘ at community cost.

    “,” Yes, of course, in the religion lesson!

    At primary School.Every time something fun happened, there was someone who said, “And what do we say?” And the rest of the class says “Heuj!” The juf was a bit tired and instead of asking if we could stop it, she told a story:

    There were three men on a bridge, one of which had a nice piece of news.He said, “and what do we say?” And the other men cheered. “Very memorable!” And at that time the bridge collapsed. The men drowned and went dead

    Many children did not believe anything about it, and the story was therefore really not to be beat.

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