Christmas is often a depressing and emotional time for many people. Why is that?

Simple… Until three years ago Christmas was something cozy with MN family.That stopped in 2016. Now Christmas is something where I only see MN Kids on Christmas Day, then have a few hours MN ex, and then it won’t be fun for me. Christmas and old and new are now things I look forward to looking at me instead, because t fine sense of love what was always there that days is no longer there now

Indeed, we have to love Christmas but in reality Christmas is not a nice time for many people (I am always happy when the weather is over):

  1. Many people are lonely with Christmas, a time when you are supposed to be with your family.

They cannot do so for some reason. It is already annoying enough to be set for that fact, but that also comes on top of the media, Christmas decorations, daily conversations etc. is reminded each time. ‘ What do you do with Christmas? ‘ is a very painful question for some people. What they do with Christmas: with a bottle of whiskey sad to the swirling snowflakes staring at their family who died in that tragic accident…. Even going to the pub is not there because the pubs are also close.

  • Then there is also the other side, people are more or less considered to be with their families and have no appetite for all sorts of reasons:
    1. Ongoing discussion when which family member is going to be visited: “Christmas Day we go to my parents but Boxing Day to yours but those are divorced and may not know each other again that you have visited them, and last year we visited Ome Joop so This year we go to Aunt Truus ‘ extremely exhausting.
    2. An odyssey through the Netherlands or beyond to visit the various relatives: Christmas Day we go to my parents in Groningen, Boxing Day to yours in Maastricht, and then back home in Zierikzee.
    3. Related and as in the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty: Do you accidentally or express a family member over you will know.

    ‘ Dear Jan, I didn’t like it at all that you and Marie came to me so late, the parents of Marie certainly kept you up again with all sorts of nonsense, so it always goes, you do not think of your poor old mother who is to be combing , bla bla bla… ‘

  • Grandpa and Grandma are visiting: 4 children with partners, 13 grandchildren, 2 dogs, 7 cats.
  • Everyone is pretending to be giant but the fact that you can’t turn your butt and that every 5 minutes a child starts to chalk or try to steal a cat from the Christmas dinner, I personally get up from it.

  • Alcohol consumption and frustrations of the past year are ingredients for emotional eruptions.
  • For this reason my French colleague hated Christmas: his sister always burst in tears because he or she would have sacrificed her, and for that crying party he traveled 370 km to Paris. With Christmas the police make overtime, the number of domestic violence incidents peels.

  • When I was little, Christmas was spiritual.
  • Gifts were given with Saint Nicholas, and at Christmas there was at most a trifle while Grandma read the Christmas story to the grandchildren. For the past 20 years, Christmas, with the influence of the USA, the media, and of course the commercialisation, has been rapidly commercialised. And whoever does not want to participate is immediately a hunks or a sloeber. The Christian message of charity and the Prince of Peace are far from it.

    A little tip: Book your (ski or sun) holiday with Christmas.Whoever has no one has enough distractions, and for whom the family wants to avoid it is a perfect and valid excuse. And if the Christmas feast is completely out of the way: choose a non-Christian country to celebrate your holiday.

    Of course, Christmas is a fine time for most people, but that does not apply to everyone.

    ‘ Rinkelbel, Rinkelbel, what rattles I-J again hard
    The shopkeeper who had a good tied again
    The Kassabel quickly rattles flat veur Silent Night
    Hie Hef See money well counted and an himself thought ‘

    (Normal, Hokerstfeast)

    Because there are very big expectations as a child.Ideas created by the parents and the films on TV. About romance, gifts, great dinners and vacations. A great time of all the positive emotions that should all happen with Christmas.

    In reality, life simply goes on, and is for virtually no one the Christmas as we hoped or expect as a child, or the image that was shown to us as a child about how it ‘ hears ‘ to go.Or what we hoped would be if we were grown up.

    Maybe because many people are lonely and they are jealous of the people who celebrate Christmas in a cozy way (lots of visit, sociable food with each other etc.)

    Purely medically, it is mainly in the northern hemisphere and beyond that you will see more depressions after the north. Pure by Kote days bleak weather. Winter depressions often occur thereby.

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