How does AI bring about changes in our lives?

AI technology

AI is changing the world. I have emphasized it several times, but I have not specifically said what has changed. Maybe many people are not so clear about it.

At present, the most widely used area is security identification of airports, railway stations, and hotels, all of which are AI face recognition. This has been standardized, and the popularization rate is very fast. AI also uses not only face recognition, but also gait recognition when capturing fugitives and analyzing dangerous elements. So, in our daily life, we have used the latest AI technology to go by plane, train, in customs, concerts and hotels. Just two years ago, people were still comparing photos. Now all AI is identifying the right people.

AI technology

Close to this is the access control system, which is gradually replacing fingerprint or other access cards. For commercial office buildings and closed residential areas, the market has just started, and the future is very predictable.

In addition, AI has been used in the intelligent regulation of commercial real estate. It can quickly analyze the degree of crowding and the trend of crowding at different times. Based on this, it can adjust the distribution law and rent of shops in commercial buildings. Based on the same idea, there are also some traffic intelligent managements related to how to effectively adjust the traffic light interval to improve the efficiency of urban traffic operation, and how to provide data and decision support for urban traffic transformation.

But in these areas, our perception is not so high at present. After all, we can not guess from the layout of shops that do not use AI technology. Only in some news articles can you see that real estate giants and AI companies have a lot of cooperation.

In fact, there are still quite a lot of AI application scenarios in the field of transportation. Nowadays, many parking lots do not need to pick up cards, and they can point out the parking location to you according to the license plate. License plate recognition is also a simple AI technology. But at present, license plate recognition is not enough, and often encounters the problem that new cars without the license plate can not enter or leave the field. In fact, it can be done more intelligently. The number plate recognition plus the overall characteristics of the car, in theory, can be achieved without the number plate can also be accurately identified. In addition, the freight logistics system based on AI to optimize transport capacity is also a promising thing, in fact, some logistics platforms are also beginning to try AI technologies.

In the area of combination of traffic and security, through the combination of AI and road condition camera to identify car theft and robbery, the related technologies are basically mature.

AI also has two application scenarios, one is poster generation, which can quickly generate target posters through AI and adjust them at will. The other is energy management, which optimizes energy consumption through AI. Some time ago, Google released some news data and Alibaba also released a technical information saying AI is very effective in energy management . In addition, the field of photo search with e-commerce websites is also a landing area of AI. A company named Visenze in Singapore, which specializes in this, the valuation has been quite high, of course, Alibaba’s strength in this area is also very strong.

I believe AI has good prospects in the medical and educational fields, but I am not very familiar with this information, so let’s not dwell on it.

In the field of games, many game companies hope to optimize the interactive effects of robots, system Boss roles and so on through AI. This market is very large, but at present there is no particularly good solution provider.

In the field of movie and TV series production, most of the cost of movie and TV series production are post-production of virtual scenes. Visual AI has good application prospects. It can be used to optimize post-production cost and improve the effect of post-production. At present, there should be some technology in this area, but it needs to be further matured.

In the financial area, risk control, fraud prevention, credit checking, there is a lot of imagination. I know there are companies doing this, , but I don’t particularly understand how AI technology works.

These are some classifications of AI landing scenes. In fact, more fields are quietly being used, not to mention the demands of all kinds of beauty photography optimization on the market, which is a must for AI companies. In fact, I want to say that AI has really penetrated into our lives.