Can you regret getting children? Is this something that you can tell your child?

You can regret everything.I got pregnant on my 18th. And my daughter is now 19.

I have always explained to her that I am very happy with her and would not want to miss her for any gold in the world.But if I looked at it so I would have wanted to wait a little longer with getting her.

And she has always understood,,, and learned from it.She and her boyfriend are busy with the world. And discover. And not with babies like me.

Regret you may have.Even though you will be doing your time, because the fact is that everything has already happened. Maybe you can put your time in there instead of pushing your feeling of regret in the back pocket of a child.

What do you think yourself say!
There is nothing worse than someone who cannot tell you that he or she would not have been there.Because that sounds to the recipient.

You regret children > I am your child > You regret me.
And thanks!

As far as I am concerned, that would be the most self-centered move you can make.
You are sorry.DA’s (very briefly said) your problem. Solve it.

Wow, that’s me to say a best question.

Yes, you can get regret from having your child, many people would like to say that that is not so or their noooooooit would happen to nonsense.

For example, getting children can take care of the woman for PTSD, some people never make a bond with their child and feel nothing for it.And sometimes, sometimes it just happens too much in a day and you can’t have it at all.

Everyone has its limits, and when you reach those limits you come to the point where there is not much honor to be found. We all have this, and we also know whether we are conscious or unaware of it.

I will give you an example: there was once a woman in America who washed her child with boiling water.Huge uplift child taken away etc etc.

What turned out?Her husband left her after an affair, she lost her income and had it exceptionally heavy that day and when her daughter did it one or the other the hair worked too much and it was ้ˆง?่‰™the drop that the bucket does overlopen ้ˆง?

Most of us go happy never as far as she went.But people have a lot of reasons to get bitter and that can target the children. Divorced parents, for example, are always connected to each other and then they can sometimes blame the children.

Human beings are exceptional, and can suffer a lot of wear and suffering.But everyone has a breakpoint, and that is something we should never forget.

Yes and yes. Provided you place it in the right context and communicate.

I have found that a classic family was still above my personal abilities.I am a fine father, but a troubled babysitter, caregiver and crisis manager. The 24 ้ˆง?”7 should be available is funest. I had it for a year or eight, and then I was burnt up.

Wisdom afterwards, I stepped to idealistic in the relationship.Children we just do. Incidentally, I was always a very playful and fun uncle in the family and reasonable at in communication and psychology, so saw no objection. The practical loadability was thus a completely different story.

I realized that children were never my dream.And for good parents that is not a requirement I find, as long as you keep both of your kids and take your responsibility. Your kids as the focal point of your ambition and primary dream can also be risky, that they become your project.

Anyway, in retrospect, slats would have been a better option or at least a childless relationship.Lat-Father not excluded, but then you have to know very well what you have in terms of wishes and boundaries as parents. Then you must be of good house to be able to do children right.

No, my kids don’t make me happy, its not my dream.But I would be unhappy if they are not happy. There is love and responsibility for them and the band is sincere and warm, although I don’t see them that much. I now fill the father role differently and more realistically.

Am I going to think differently later?Maybe a little, like grandpa. But I suspect that I will continue to find an error in the whole start-up, although we end up with the terror. It was just a bad schedule. But not so much the children, rather the whole classic design.

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Of course it can.As with all decisions. After all, it can be against falling and too heavy and you have suffered too much. That you can’t actually do it. That’s not to say you don’t like those kids. But it may mean that you did NOT do it afterwards or in any other way.

In The family of my fathers side, hereditary conditions such as autism are found and this is also passed on to me and my sister.Partly because of this we have limitations in life.

My mother once told me that if she had known of my fathers autism she hadn’t started to children.
That may not be quite the same as regret but I understand her very well (even if I did not exist, but well there I had not noticed anything:)). It is not justifiable to put a child on the world if there is a very big chance that it is going to fail, and can therefore experience (big) problems (but in my parents case they did not know that my father had something that was only known when I was adult).
If anyone see an autism spectrum disorder, I understand very well that life with someone with ASD can be very tricky.With a partner, but let alone if you get 2 more ASD children. My mother has had it very heavily, especially in the period that she did not know was there was.
For their own, I think it would have been better to have a childless relationship.

I have therefore decided for myself that I do not want children.Easy decision because I hate children. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But apart from that: if I pass on hereditary diseases which I again have that I have and are hereditary and children of mine who would suffer from it, I would not be able to forgive myself.
Then I would have really huge regret.Plus huge guilt. Especially if they would run into similar things to me.

Moral of the story: children should ALWAYS be planned and wanted and you really need to know what you’re starting to do.Nowadays there are fortunate enough contraceptives and also legal means to undo it if it does go wrong, child not planned? Then undo it.
And if there are hereditary disorders: do not start children.

However, I think that nowadays there are still people who underestimate how tough it can be.Especially at this time when both parents are forced to work (otherwise a house and associated charges are unrepentable).

Regret is such an incredibly improductive and pointless emotion.If you already have it, never admit it because it makes your joy of life broken. Of course I also regret certain events that I might have been able to give a different twist, but I prefer to look ahead.

Putting children on the world is rather decisive.Of everything a man can get regret because we are not perfect and because our minds can tormented us. You sometimes have to be able to turn that mind off. But children can also regret and because people say the most terrible things to each other, there will also be those who find it necessary to saddle their offspring with their mental diarrhea. This description makes me think clearly what I think of when people choose to tell their child about it.

On the regret of children: I know more people who regret, do not have children, especially women, then regret to take children.Sometimes children are monsters. I would not like to be a parent of Dutroux. Or of Stalin. Or Pol Pot. I don’t know those parents so I have no idea what those find.

If your child folates, abuses, or kills others, it will do a little to the parental love.I am sorry to regret your children, but for myself I cannot imagine that. Maybe I’m a privileged person.

In itself, that is possible, but that your child is to tell it is criminal.

In Our history, we know Philips the good, who once knew well and found that he had a son too much for his dynastic aspirations.He thus sent Jan van Nevers on a crusade. Who had to fight there for signs in the front lines. It ended up that Philips had to pay a smak ransom, when Jan was imprisoned. But Philips was therefore a Habsburger, those virtues none of all

Read my account on my Facebook page from what I’ve made in Hoogeveen.In The Hague it was already raising with wind force 10 against, but in Hoogeveen it became real horror. The story is continued, it is so insane and wrapped that sometimes it takes months before I detangle the knot. Please keep in mind that I am the author of events performed/committed by others.

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