Can you mention examples of ‘ cultural appropriation ‘ in the Netherlands? I am looking for Dutch examples to understand the term.

In 2012, Joan Franka, the Dutch representative at the Eurovision Song contest of that year, wore an Indian headdress.Threats came from the US. Some activist Native Americans (politically correct-speak for Indians) found that unacceptable.A part of their culture was used for flat show business.

The question is whether it is also cultural appropriation as in an African television show African artists in a Volendams costume perform a clog dance.Many supporters of cultural appropriation find that only oppressed peoples have the right to speak. In their definition, anyone who is not white and heterosexual is actually more or less a member of an oppressed minority.

Cultural appropriation is a misleading term from the passed American racial/cultural debate.There they think, for example, that if you like a Chinese dress and who is doing to your 鈧?艙prom 鈧?feast while you are white, you are doing cultural appropriation and doing so short of the Chinese.…

In China, they thought it was great that the Lady In question liked their culture so well that she wanted that dress that she was invited to come along to make more of their culture.

I would say 鈧?虄forget that term! .Only the term: rhetyically seen iron strong, but misleading. Appropriation is an expensive word for theft and nobody wants to talk. Only the equation goes mank. A wallet you can pick up, but someone’s culture? Culture is not a nuls game in which the profit of the one equals the loss of the other.

Plunder each other’s cultures

Cultural appropriation is not really a thing in the Netherlands.It does mean something in America. I also think it’s interesting and valuable topic, and I’m going to explain to you what they mean in America with that term.

There are comic examples of Americans who claim that white people are not allowed to make jazz, because it is not coming from the black population or something.This is not what cultural appropriation is about.The thesis about jazz as morally illegal for whites is of course also plain nonsense.Jazz lends itself again to modern classical music, which is again largely European, like the music of Bartok. Music is a cross-cultural phenomenon. Certainly in a global economy, everything is right everywhere, and that is also the way to get new musical developments going. So, what is it about?

What cultural appropriation does about, and where it becomes problematic, is when large companies borrow aspects of a culture for the production of a product, without the culture of which it is borrowed will benefit.This is really only problematic if it’s about a culture that has been exploited in history during colonialism.And this becomes extra problematic if the product reflects the culture in a stereotypical way. I come back to why Americans call this problematic.
For example, Pocahontas is portrayed as a kind of magical girl who can talk to animals.She falls in love with a the first white man she meets. Her grandmother is a tree. Bit… overly ridiculous. But good. I can give two reasons why this kicks people against the sore, in addition to being a bit ridiculous:

  1. A representation of Native Americans as exotic and primitive does not benefit the stereotypes of Native Americans, and this may have serious consequences for this group.

Women of Native American descent make a rape twice as often in their lives as the national average. Native Americans Struggle With High Rate of Rape This has partly to do with the sexualizing of ‘ primitive peoples as exotic and wild ‘.Thus, creating media that repeats this stereotypes is not only offensive, but also dangerous. There is NML. The danger that Native Americans are perceived as a species of fauna, and therefore not worthy of the same degree of empathy as humans, thus causing an increased risk of rape.

  • The Native Americans are a broken culture.
  • They live on reserves. In the past, they have been targeted by ethnic cleansing and slavery. This has been done by white people. If then white people are going to earn ‘ f * ck you ‘-amount of money over the back of a culture that has been destroyed by their elderly, without this yielding anything for the quality of life in reserves, then you can imagine that some people do not So happy with it.
    Involving people from the Native American community in the production of such a project is a solution to this problem.

    I am not an expert, and it is a divided and complicated subject.It is also very easy to misinterpret and ridicule (MSS even expres). That way, it’s also a popular topic among the YouTube edgelords who want to produce clickbait every day in which they repeat themselves about how ridiculous SJW’s are. ‘t Is ‘ n trend. But then again, this is internet culture, and American culture. Fortunately, the Netherlands suffers little from this.

    If you found this interesting to read, I can suggest you to look at the Pocahontas analysis of Linsey Ellis.She explains it better than me, and she is very entertaining in my opinion. If you want to delve further into the subject, keep looking at the nuance. I found it difficult to understand what’s going on because there are a lot of people who don’t understand, don’t want to understand, or deliberately get through’t mire on YouTube with ridiculous examples like jazz music because anti-progressive Ideas are trendy. Best of luck and thanks for’t read.

    (Skip to 12:20 if you only want her explanation about cultural appropriation, but the whole video is useful for context and entertainment.)

    Wearing an indianenpak during carnival.

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