Can you have a long-term relationship with someone who is politically totally opposed to you?

In Belgium There is a nice public example of: the relationship between the politician Willem-Frederik Schiltz of OpenVLD and politician Freya Piryns of Groen!.They are also married in the meantime.

That is quite contrary, although it can of course still be ‘ disappointing ‘.I can hardly imagine that Freya Piryns would marry a Vlaams-Belanger or that Schiltz would be in the marriage with a PVDA’er.

But it can.

Here in New Zealand though.We actually have no extremists here, so a social democrat and a neoliberal would be best able to love each other.

In Great Britain I do not think so.Everyone is politically crazy so unless you are not politically interested you should not go with someone from the other extreme.

I think the Netherlands is a windfall.Some people have a big beak when it comes to politics but in the end nobody wants radical changes. So even though I find half of the parties full of Debil, the followers do not have to be so bad because it is more about form than content.

For me, there are two scenarios.One in which the political preference begins to deviate over time while I am already in a relationship. Or one where I am already aware Of the relationship. In The first scenario, I think it would not be a deal-breaker for me. In The second scenario, I might choose not to engage in the relationship if we both have a different vision. You still miss a decent connection in terms of views. I would certainly enter into the debate to find out, but I would not be suspicious if we then decided not to start dating.

Further, it would certainly succeed.If you want. I would not want it (if it is really right opposite each other).

Course.There are more interfaces than just the political preference in a relationship. If it is only the political preference where the relationship is built, then the relationship will not succeed. But if you can talk about it and not convince each other, then there is nothing to worry about.

Depends on how total is total. If there are children in the relationship, it is important, despite political differences, to be unified on a number of important things concerning education.So, despite enormous political differences, there is the possibility that people can think about certain things in a unified way.

It is quite possible that people with different political backgrounds and beliefs can live together, marry and educate children.

Incidentally, having the same political conviction of both partners does not guarantee that a long-term relationship succeeds.

For example, I have spoken to a man, who has now died, who had the exact same background as his ex wife, but after many years the marriage was on a divorce.What played a part in the break-up of that relationship is that the two had the death of a child and they both thought about it completely differently, despite the fact that the two were very politically unified. The death of a child is also the heaviest thing that can print on a long-term relationship, especially if the two partners are also thinking differently.

In a strong long-term relationship, you can see that people are working towards each other despite their great political differences.My parents are an example where different backgrounds can succeed. My father comes from a Catholic progressive nest, my mother from a Protestant conservative litter and they have raised two children and have a good marriage. I would say that both have grown to the middle during their marriage.

Unfortunately you see that in many countries nowadays more and more people are a relationship with a partner with the same political background.I think it is a bad thing. It creates a very exclusive society with more conflicts.

I myself am somewhat progressive, but I would not find a problem when a possible partner is more conservative than myself.As long as we find common values in the education of any children, it does not have to be a problem.

I have ever experienced this.After a while anyway, angry conversations of: how can you think so. Then resignation, try to understand it. Until you notice that the concept comes mainly from 1 side. I got there on top of strong indications that she was not honest. This combination made the relationship finite.

I do not believe so in love-not that I am disappointed or so, but for me the notion of “love” is more of a collection of ideas about the man or woman that you think in the primitive part of your brain that will produce the children with the best survival Skansen, all the other is just there by thought nonsense.Because politics is a man-conceived thing, just like time, money and so on, it does not necessarily have much influence on how the primitive part of your brain is stimulated. Ergo, talking about politics will not be able to harm the relationship in essence because that primitive brain still sees that others are. Yes, it is possible. Only people generally think of so much irrelevant nonsense.


But the probability that a relationship can succeed if you have a lot of disagreement is usually smaller than when there are few disputes.(of political or other nature)

Fortunately, a relationship is not based solely on that, or it is even possible that it does not play any role in specific relationships.

It is important that the political preference does not become a belief, which should not be spotted.As long as there is room for humor, you come a whole end.