Can you grow any outdoor plant indoors?

Most hardy flower bulbs need a cold season to boot.

Plants such as Hyacinthe that you can put in your room at Christmas time from the store have first been in the cooling to do this artificially.They get a call when the frost has been in the ground that they should start growing when it gets warmer. If this does not happen then they will rot in the ground.

Especially the very early bloomers such as snowdrops and Winteraconite, but also the Christmas rose or witch hazel need the cold.If you want to grow plants from seed, the majority of the year olds also need a cold period. They are also called cold-kiemers.

You can do this with a freezer, but then you have to consider the humidity level, the growth material, or they do not rot.Yes, it can be, but it is more work.

Also some trees do better with cooler temperatures than what we have indoors.The larch and the den fall below. That’s something people don’t mind when buying bonsai; The traditional species used such as fir, maple and above species do it better outside. Bonsai also belong traditionally outdoors.

Another problem is the light content.Unless you have a south-facing window, there is not enough sunlight in most rooms. But this can be remedied with a growth lamp.

In any case, never put them too close to or on a heater, then dry them out too quickly and most plants are not built on them.If they need a high humidity, the bathroom might be a good place to stand for them. I find the Instagram of James Wong also really great, he has his house completely full of houseplants and much also on water culture, which is wonderful to see:

Maarja, he works a lot with water and growth lamps.

And plants that come more from tropical regions.

Yet I link here his Instagram and the first of the episodes he did for on the Ledge, a podcast about indoor gardens (the latter is where I got the images from):

James Wong (@botanygeek) 鈧?垄 Instagram photos and videos

Episode 55: James Wong’s houseplants-Part One

In principle, in the Dutch living room, the humidity is often too low and many plants cannot resist.There must, of course, be sufficient light.

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